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Forum 6: To Have Children, or to Not Have Children?

This assignment centers on discussing pros and cons of choosing to either have children, or not have children. Chapter 14 of your text discusses the various issues associated with the choice to either have children, or to not have children. Discuss the pros and cons of either choosing to have children, or choosing to not have children. At least TWO pros and TWO cons must be discussed for EACH. NOTE: Your response must be written in your own words; however if you use information from the text and/or other sources to support your response, the page number(s) MUST be cited from the text, and if using other sources, the link(s), page numbers, etc MUST be cite
This assignment centers on discussing pros and cons of choosing to either have children, or not have children. Chapter 14 of your text discusses the various issues associated with the choice to either have children, or to not have children. Discuss the pros and cons of either choosing to have children, or choosing to not have children. At least TWO pros and TWO cons must be discussed for EACH.
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