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Research Proposal-Food Desert Part 5 Retro Analysis

Assignment 5: Retrospective Analysis This is the final assignment and is truly reflective in nature. Spend 2-4 pages answering the following questions in detail: Question 1: What have you learned about research? Social work? Yourself? Question2: What you would have done differently in retrospect after considering a research project start to finish? Question 3: What you'd have done differently if you were really going to do the research (maybe picked a topic that would carry you through field?); Question 4: What is your general thought around research? Do you think you will continue to read and do research?No Question 5: Anything else you want to tell me? Any questions you may have?
Assignment 5: Retrospective Analysis This is the final assignment and is truly reflective in nature. Spend 2-4 pages answering the following questions in detail: Question 1: What have you learned about research? Social work? Yourself?
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