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Research Proposal (Example)

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Discrimination and Prejudice as the Major causes of Inequality Name Institution Professor Course Date Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc509886026 \h 31.0INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc509886027 \h 41.1 Hypothesis PAGEREF _Toc509886028 \h 41.1.1 Null Hypothesis PAGEREF _Toc509886029 \h 41.1.2 Alternative Hypothesis PAGEREF _Toc509886030 \h 51.2 Background information and Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc509886031 \h 51.3 Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc509886032 \h 61.4 Purpose of the study PAGEREF _Toc509886033 \h 61.5 Objectives PAGEREF _Toc509886034 \h 72.0LITERATURE REVIEW PAGEREF _Toc509886035 \h 72.1 Stereotyping PAGEREF _Toc509886036 \h 72.2 Discrimination PAGEREF _Toc509886037 \h 82.3 Prejudice PAGEREF _Toc509886038 \h 83.0METHODOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc509886039 \h 93.1Data collection PAGEREF _Toc509886040 \h 93.1.1 Participants PAGEREF _Toc509886041 \h 93.1.2 Instruments PAGEREF _Toc509886042 \h 93.1.3 Procedure PAGEREF _Toc509886043 \h 93.1.4 Design PAGEREF _Toc509886044 \h 103.2 Results data analysis and discussion PAGEREF _Toc509886045 \h 104.0CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc509886046 \h 125.0REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc509886047 \h 13 AbstractPrejudgment and discrimination have continued to be widespread Glick P. & Esses V. (2006). Prejudice Stereotyping and Discrimination: Theoretical and Empirical Overview. Prejudice and discrimination. Springer Science & Business Media. Rudman L A. & Ashmore R D. (2008) Discrimination and the Implicit Association Test. (Group Processes & Intergroup Relations). Schmitt M. T. Branscombe N. R. Kobrynowicz D. & Owen S. (2002). Perceiving discrimination against one’s gender group has different implications for well-being in women and men. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 28(2) 197-210. Simpson G. E. & Yinger J. M. (2013). Racial and cultural minorities: An analysis of prejudice and discrimination. Springer Science & Business Media. Zannoni Federico. (2008). Stereotypes and racial prejudice in children’s minds. Images discussions perspectives. (Ricerche di Pedagogia e Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education; Vol 3 (2008). Mulvey K. L. Hitti A. & Killen M. (2010). The development of stereotyping and exclusion. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science 1 4 597-606. [...]

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Using the topic you have developed in PSY-530 (if you have not taken PSY-530, please check with your instructor about a topic), write a Research Proposal (2,000-2,500 words) on a topic relevant to the course. To complete the Research Proposal, do the following: Review the attached document "Research Proposal Guidelines", as well as Topic 7 lecture section on The Results and Discussion Sections in the Research Proposal for a brief overview pertaining to "how to" complete the assignment. Introductory section: Include hypothesis and a review of the literature. Method section: Include subsections on Participants, Apparatus/Materials/Instruments, Procedure, and Design. Results section: Include statistic, critical values, degrees of freedom, and alpha level. Discussion section: Include interpretation of results, ethical concerns, limitations of study, and suggestions for future research. Figures and Tables section: Include a minimum of two (either two figures, two tables, or a figure and a table). Include at least 8-10 scholarly references. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA

Subject Area: Psychology

Document Type: Research Paper

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