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 Developmental Changes during Adolescence Name Professor Course Institution Date Introduction There are many theories and stages in human development and they all explain different characteristics pertaining human development. Adolescence is one of the significant periods that parents recognize to be quite challenging as the children are trying to transition to adulthood. They undergo tremendous changes and development in both their social cognitive and physical areas as they slowly transform into abstract thinkers. Erikson’s theory illustrated the delicate stage that they are in as they try to search for their identity. It is a crucial stage that determines how the adolescents turn out to be. This paper analyses the significant cognitive social and physical changes that the adolescents go through and also the effect of culture on parenting styles. Cognitive development Cognitive development occurs in three major areas in adolescence. Adolescents primarily develop advanced skills in reasoning. They also have discover who they are and what they want. Erikson’s theory of development demonstrates the critical stage they are in and the confusion that they go through. Family time is reinvented as stress and conflict are synonymous with the phase but with much understanding and guidance they can out of it better individuals. Adolescents who spend their time during the period rediscovering themselves tend to be clear on what they want in the future as they have developed their abstract thinking. Ultimately culture prominently affects parenting styles as children pick values and ideas from their parents. References Cramer M. A. Osherson S. & Hatcher S. L. (2016). Re-enactments in their developmental context. Psychodynamic Practice  22(2) 120-130. doi:10.1080/14753634.2016.1162108 Norozpour M. Gharraee B. Ashouri A. & Habibi M. (2015). A study on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory- Adolescent scores based on Marcia Identity Statuses in adolescents. Journal of Fundamentals of Mental Health  17(6) 292-299. [...]

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Assignment Details: This Assignment should be 4 pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. You have covered a number of theories in child development this term, as well as how these theories help you to understand the developmental process from birth through adolescence. Piaget, Erikson, Vygotsky, Kohlberg, attachment theory, nature versus nurture, the influence of SES, and cultural implications are some of the major theories and concepts. For this Assignment, you will write an expository paper. Please address the following four points in the expository paper: Select one developmental stage, such as infancy—ages birth to 2; early childhood—ages 2 to 6; middle childhood—ages 6 to 11; or adolescence—ages 11 to 18. Explain the physical, social, and cognitive changes that occur during that stage of development. Discuss at least one theory that fits best with the stage of development you have selected. Describe the theory and explain how it appropriately fits with your selected developmental stage. Discuss the impact that cultural factors (e.g., race, religion or ethnicity) could have on your selected stage of development. For example, you might select the stage of infancy, and then describe the physical, social and cognitive changes that are part of infant development. Then select one theory, for example Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development, and explain what this theory says about infancy. Finally, you could discuss how culture may affect parenting styles. This is just an example and you are certainly not limited to this idea. Please use at least one other scholarly peer reviewed reference for your Assignment besides the textbook for a total of two references. The Library is the best place to find research articles. Please type your expository paper using 12-point Times New Roman font and double-spacing using Standard American English. This Assignment should be 4 pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. You must refer to the reading resources and provide a citation using APA format in the form of in-text citations for any sources used. The viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained. The writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful. Remember to include a title page at the start of, and a reference list at the conclusion of, your essay. The Writing Center has information on how to use APA formatting. You can access the Writing Center from the Academic Tools section.

Subject Area: Psychology

Document Type: Reports

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