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Warehousing, Packaging, and Handling: A Strategic Approach

Essay – 4 pages APA format (a minimum of 1,000 words, double-spacing, Times New Romans – 12 point font with one inch margins). See attachment for formatting requirements. Please write on the below topic: Warehousing, Packaging, and Handling: A Strategic Approach 1. Start with an Introduction that will tie in the below questions/information. 2. Describe some of the economic benefits of warehousing and give examples. 3. Discuss warehouse operations (for example, handling and storage) and give examples. 4. Describe Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). 5. Describe Yard Management Systems (YMS). 6. Discuss packaging for handling efficiency (for example, packaging material, package design, unitization or containerization, etc.) and give examples. 7. Discuss package handling technology and equipment (for example, mechanized systems, semi-automated systems, automated systems, and information-directed systems) and give examples. 8. End with a conclusion. Be sure to cover all of the above to include an introduction and a conclusion and use subheadings to ensure easy transitions from one paragraph to the other. Please provide a minimum of 5 scholarly references in APA format and cite all references. Needed by Wednesday, March 28th, 2018.
Essay – 4 pages APA format (a minimum of 1,000 words, double-spacing, Times New Romans – 12 point font with one inch margins). See attachment for formatting requirements. Please write on the below topic: Warehousing, Packaging, and Handling: A Strategic Approach 1. Start with an Introduction that will tie in the below questions/information.
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