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 Name Professor Course Institution Date Benefits of cognitive changes to Adolescents I agree with post the growth of an adolescent corresponds to his or her growth in thinking and reasoning. The adolescent stage that usually starts at age twelve is very important part of a human being life. This stage But this gives them a chance to learn from the wrongs they have done. They develop anever give up attitude full of endurance. They later realize that great ideas were as result of many trials and failures. As a result they learn to be creative and original in their ideas. [...]

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In a minimum of 85 words respond to this disscusion post Good evening Professor and classmates, This week’s discussion board introduces adolescence. These cognitive changes at this stage are reflected in many aspects of adolescents’ everyday behavior, including self-consciousness and self-focusing, idealism and criticism, and difficulties with planning and decision making (Berk & Meyers, 2016). Some of the benefits or advantages of the following ways of adolescent thinking: Imaginary audience and personal fable Piaget believed that a new form of egocentrism arises, in which adolescents again have difficulty distinguishing their own and others’ perspectives. He suggested that two distorted images of the relationship between self and other appear. Adolescents’ belief that they are the focus of everyone else’s attention and concern is called imaginary audience. This concept helps to explain the extent that they go through to please others (Berk & Meyers, 2016). Teenagers often develop an inflated opinion of their own importance. Viewing the self as highly capable and influential may help young people cope with challenges of adolescence. Idealism and Criticism Teenage idealism and criticism are advantageous. Once adolescents come to see other people as having both strength and weaknesses, that have a much greater capacity to work constructively for social change and to form positive and lasting relationships (Elkind, 1994). Faulty Decision Making This is often the result of quick decision-making. Teenagers learn by trial and error. This often leads to them having to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Over time, young people learn from their successes and failures and gather information from others about factors that affect decision-making. Erikson’s four identity statuses are: Identity achievement, Identity moratorium, Identity foreclosure, and Identity diffusion. Identity achievement is when teenagers become stable with achieving their goals resulting in gaining confidence. Identity moratorium is when a teenager reaches a point in their life where they are exploring where they want to be in life (Berk, 2016) Identity foreclosure is when someone commits to certain goals and values without considering the option to explore others (Berk & Meyer, 2016) Identity diffusion is when teenagers are not on the path towards successfully pursuing their goals. In my opinion, teenagers should be allowed the opportunity to fail. This is important because successful people are just people that have failed a lot in life.

Subject Area: Psychology

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