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Fallacious Reasoning Project For your fallacious reasoning project you will pick 5 of the fallacies from the list in your notes and find examples of them online, on signs, and in books and magazines. After you find each fallacy, you will provide A) what kind of fallacy you identified B) the quote the fallacy comes from (copy link) C) where you found it D) what makes it a fallacy. Example: 1. Example: A. Slippery Slope B. “But why do you think that legalizing same-sex marriage, particularly on a national basis, would inevitably lead to redefining marriage to include plural marriage?” C. link D. This question is a fallacy because the civil rights issues of people of the same sex don’t have anything to do with people wanting to marry more than one person. It’s a question of who one marries, not how many people. They are completely divided issues
Fallacious Reasoning Project For your fallacious reasoning project you will pick 5 of the fallacies from the list in your notes and find examples of them online, on signs, and in books and magazines. After you find each fallacy, you will provide A) what kind of fallacy you identified B) the quote the fallacy comes from (copy link) C) where you found it D) what makes it a fallacy. Example: 1. Example: A.
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