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Explanation why Addiction a Disease (Example)

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Explanation Why Addiction Is a Disease Bibliography Gifford E. & Humphreys K. (2007). The psychological science of addiction. Addiction 102(3) 352-361. This book expounds on the science of addiction from development until when the condition is treated. The book also focuses on how to prevent addiction. Understanding the science of addiction can significantly help one get to understand the concepts of addiction and therefore understanding whether addiction can be categorized as a disease or choice. This source of information is scholarly and thus helps in getting the right information. Hall W. Carter A. & Forlini C. (2015). The brain disease model of addiction: is it supported by the evidence and has it delivered on its promises?. The Lancet Psychiatry 2(1) 105-110. The book explains the disease model of addiction and how addiction can be classified as a disease rather than choice. This book gives all the reasons and idea of the disease model of addiction. Volkow N. D. Koob G. F. & McLellan A. T. (2016). Neurobiologic advances from the brain disease model of addiction. New England Journal of Medicine 374(4) 363-371. The article elaborates the advancements made in the disease model of addiction. The improvements of the theory help one understand deeper how addiction develops in a medical perspective. This article is essential in the research work as it helps me understand in detail what addiction is and how it can be classified. West R. & Brown J. (2013). Theory of addiction. John Wiley & Sons.West and Brown explain the theory of addiction. The theory is all about how people view addiction as well as how it develops to its chronic stages. Further it is essential to understand the theory of addiction as it can significantly help in determining whether it is a disease or not. [...]

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Instructions for Issues Paper ****Topic: Explain why addiction is a Disease. **** You are to become an "expert" on the issue by reading as much as you can on the topic before class, creating a bibliography of at least two pages, and writing a summary paper of at least l0, double-spaced, typed pages, in APA style. I. Create a Bibliography. l. Start with the Gantt articles. Each article, pro or con, should have some references at the end. List what sounds relevant from these references. 2. Look in standard reference works for magazine and journal articles on the Issue, and list what, on the surface, seems relevant. Suggested reference sources include: • Psychological Abstracts. • PsycInfo. / PsychLit. • There are, no doubt, other reference works that may help. Ask the Reference Librarian. Instructions on how to use each of these sources. If you have trouble the Reference Librarian can help you. For each of the articles you find in this way, write out the author's name, the title of the article, the name of the journal in which it appears, the date of publication, the journal's volume number, and the page numbers, in APA style. Avoid on-line references from personal Webpages, that are only to be found on the Web. Such sources change too rapidly to be reliable documentation. 4. Finally, list all of your references from steps l & 2 in alphabetical order, and type them up in a bibliography. This should be, at a minimum, at least two full pages in length, APA style. II. Prepare an Issue Paper of at least l0 pages of text. l. I assume that your Bibliography will include everything relevant to your topic and will be very extensive. It should be so extensive that you could not reasonably be expected to read all of the works listed therein. Therefore, in preparing your paper, you must read what you consider will be your "best bets". Remember, this is a preparation for a class discussion. • Criticisms of theory or of points of view should help your argument. • Literature review articles are useful. • Read what seems to be most often mentioned or cited by others on the topic. 2. Use what you have read to prepare your side of the class discussion. • Assume your side is the correct point of view on this Issue, and gather evidence to prove it from these readings. • Cite what you have read in a written defense or summary of you viewpoint. • Try to counter the opposition's main points. What evidence can you find to refute them and thereby strengthen your own side? 3. Your paper should resemble an argument in a way... One side of an argument. Pretend you are telling someone what is what... Someone who disagrees with you, but cannot talk back. 4. Avoid stringing together direct quotes. Especially avoid long quotes that must be indented. Instead, put the information in your own words and cite the source by author's last name and date of publication, APA style. 5. At the end of your paper, include a list of the references you actually used for writing the paper. What, out of all of your Bibliography did you cite or refer to in your paper? That you actually read?

Subject Area: Psychology

Document Type: Research Paper

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