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Critical Evaluation Essay (King, Martin Luther, Jr. "I Have a Dream")

Choose one argument from the historic American or global works listed in the “Supplemental Readings” in the attachment (King, Martin Luther, Jr. "I Have a Dream"). Decide whether this argument is successful or not. If you decide this essay is successful, discuss why. You may use the structure of the argument, the tone, and the various types of support (ethos, pathos, and logos) as proof of the argument’s success. Make sure that your thesis has an introduction that contains a hook and a thesis, body paragraphs that discuss one proof at a time (one paragraph per example), and a conclusion. If you decide that the essay is not successful, then discuss the fallacies that the argument makes. You are still required to have a strong introduction (hook and thesis), body paragraphs that discuss one fallacy at a time, and a conclusion. You may also discuss how the essay is successful with reservations. In this case, point to both the support and the fallacies you have found in the work. The thesis statement should be clearly stated in such a way that it includes the topic and the stance taken on the topic. This is truly the core of your piece of writing. A good thesis statement is written as one complete sentence. It should not be written as a question. Also, avoid using a compound sentence as your thesis. That would be a lot for your audience to take in. Work on your thesis to ensure that your audience knows exactly what your topic is and what you are going to prove about that topic. Avoid using logical fallacies and dictionary definitions in your thesis statement. Although some types of writing allows for the thesis statement to be implied, it is important that in this kind of writing, the thesis be directly stated. Leave no doubt in the reader’s mind as to what your topic is and what your stance is on this topic. The purpose of an argument is not to tell an audience what you believe, but to persuade the audience that your belief is a good one. The goal should be to persuade your audience using the appeals of pathos, ethos, and logos. Proving reasons to be true should be based on good use of research or personal observations and experiences. Using research and addressing the opposition in a fair and objective way is making an ethical appeal (building credibility) while also serving to create the logical appeal of the argument. Additionally, avoid logical fallacies when writing to help increase your credibility. And finally, carefully implement emotional appeal to your essay. For example, using the emotional appeal (pathos) would be a great way to introduce the topic and your stance, but it should be paired with another type of appeal. Please be sure to use academic sources and peer reviewed essays with in text citations found in the United States. This paper should be at least 700 words, but no more than 850. The paper should be formatted correctly MLA style and written in third person (do not use the words I, me, us, we, or you). The essay should also contain citations and a works cited list based on your selected essay in the assigned readings.
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