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Supply And DEMAnd (Example)

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Marketing Essay; Shift in Demand and Supply Name Instructor Institution affiliation Date Shift in Demand and Supply Changes in conditions of demand or even supply causes shifts of the demand or supply curve to a new position. Each curve can shift either to the left or to the right. A shift to the right refers to an increase in supply or demand. This implies that a larger quantity is supplied or demanded at each market price. A shift to the left refers to a decrease in supply or demand and this implies that less is demanded or supplied at each market price. We first consider an increase in demand as shown figure 1. The original supply curve is S and demand curve is D. In this case P is the original equilibrium price and q is the p and q the supply curve then shifts to the left. The new supply curve is hence S and at the original price p the quantity offered for sale is zero but the quantity in demand is q. This excess demand causes raise in price and this process continues until a new equilibrium price p has been reached. Therefore we conclude that a shift to the left in the supply curve causes an increase in the equilibrium price of a product and a decrease in equilibrium quantity demanded. This is as shown in figures 3 and 4 below. Figure 3 Figure 4 References BIBLIOGRAPHY Suman S. (2018 January). Shifts in demand and supply(With Diagram). Retrieved from Vanshila G. (2017). Effects of Changes in Demand and Supply of a Good (With Diagram). Economic Discussions. Retrieved from [...]

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Using the supply and demand graphs: Supply and Demand Graphs.pptx SupplyAndDemandGraphs2.doc researchProjectRubric.pdf Find one or two news articles from the Internet that illustrate a shift in supply and/or demand. The article(s) need to illustrate at least two of the four graphs. This may require two articles. The article(s) must be recent (within the last six months), and MUST NOT be from an encyclopedia or reference website that discusses demand and supply. DO NOT use blogs. The best articles are about changes in the price and/or sales of a particular product. Or about the changes in the costs of production or of inputs that impact the supply curve. You then have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of supply and demand shifts as you explain the changes in price and quantity experienced by the product you choose. RECOMMENDATION: READ THE SAMPLE PROJECT: Under the Start Here link. Summarize the article(s). (Do not quote the article(s), but explain it as if you were telling someone about it. If you do use a direct quote or paraphrase, remember that citations and references are required.) If you use more than one article, then citations are required. Explain which graph in our collection - A, B, C, or D - illustrates the shift that you identify by describing the change in price and the change in equilibrium quantity. Remember to illustrate the shifts shown in at least two of the four graphs. Do use paragraphs in your post. And do remain focused on what is in the article. Provide a full URL link to the article(s) along with an APA-formatted reference to the article(s) at the bottom of your submission. Important: This is a Microeconomic course. Do not choose an article discussing Macroeconomic issues: Inflation, unemployment, trade deficit, government budget deficit, etc.

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