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Genetic factors behind regulating the sleep cycle in humans. (Example)

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Genetic Factors behind Regulating the Sleep Cycle in Humans Name Institution Genetic Factors behind Regulating Sleep in Humans Sleep cycle regulation in humans is controlled by genetic factors such as differences in gene loci immune genes and inflammatory genes in the body. These factors are heritable and their effect on sleep affects other body physiological functions. Sehgal and Mignot (2011) highlight that explanation of sleep cycle is related to various theories including its relation to body metabolism and somatic functions. There work focus on an understanding of the genetic relation to human behaviors such as sleep cycle. Sehgal and Mignot (2011) explain that genes are often responsible for regulation and control of sleep in people. Further analysis of their work reveals relation of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy with a single gene. R. Beaumont R. N. Ruth K. S. Tuke M. A. ... & Roenneberg T. (2016). Genome-wide association analyses in 128 266 individuals identifies new morningness and sleep duration loci. PLoS genetics 12(8) e1006125. Lane J. M. Liang J. Vlasac I. Anderson S. G. Bechtold D. A. Bowden J. ... & Loudon A. (2017). Genome-wide association analyses of sleep disturbance traits identify new loci and highlight shared genetics with neuropsychiatric and metabolic traits. Nature genetics 49(2) 274. Santhi N. Lazar A. S. McCabe P. J. Lo J. C. Groeger J. A. & Dijk D. J. (2016). Sex differences in the circadian regulation of sleep and waking cognition in humans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(19) E2730-E2739. Sehgal A. & Mignot E. (2011). Genetics of sleep and sleep disorders. Cell 146 194–207 [...]

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This is a (2-3pg) research essay on an approved topic that I have chosen. Needs no less than 5 scholarly sources to write the paper. Must be written in APA format. For this class, it will not be a full literary review, but rather, a mini-review, that should resemble a “long introduction” or essay. Your paper will summarize the importance and findings related to your topic of choice, from the references you compiled to write it. Choose the broad topic you want to write your paper about. Narrow the topic to be specific –this minimizes the probability of many people writing about the same thing. Look for current information on your topic.Depending on what your topic is, information from 5 years ago may already be obsolete. Maintain a focus –what are themes and ideas that connect your sources together? Do they help you “tell the story” of your topic? Start with a sentence that gives the reader a quick idea of your topic of review Use passive voice while writing the review. Organize the “body” of your paper Arrange it chronologically. If you are dealing with varying opinions by era or changing trends over time, chronological organization may make the most sense. Arrange it by publication. Arrange it by trend. The closing paragraph needs to wrap up your paper, reiterate what was said in the intro, and discuss what you've drawn so far from your review. You may conclude your review with a recommendation. Where might the discussion proceed if someone else picked it up where you left off? What are the consequences of the patterns and holes in today's sources? What might be some of the future works that can be done, to continue this project? Deadline: March 25 before 11pm.

Subject Area: Biology

Document Type: Research Paper

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Wrote in very timely manner and had scholarly sources needed. Other than few fixable grammatical and punctuation errors here and there, exceptional work done on a research based review.


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