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The Effect of Lung Compliance on Mechanical Ventilation

Prompt For this assignment, you will provide detailed responses to the following questions. Be sure to review the link below regarding Calculations Commonly Performed in Respiratory Care RT EquationsPreview the document (I attached pdf) Describe the difference between dynamic compliance and static compliance. What useful information do we receive by monitoring dynamic compliance? What useful information do we receive by monitoring static compliance? Calculate compliance given Vt = 500 ml, Peak airway pressure = 30 cmH2O, Plateau pressure= 25 cmH20, PEEP = 10 cmH2O. Calculate static and dynamic compliance given Vt = 760 ml, Peak airway pressure = 38 cmH2O, Plateau pressure= 33 cmH20, PEEP = 7 cmH20. Calculate static and dynamic compliance on a patient who is on a volume ventilator and has the following measurements: Tidal Volume = 780 ml, Peak Airway Pressure = 45 cmH20, Plateau pressure 40 cmH2O, PEEP = 10 cmH2O. Calculate static and dynamic compliance: Tidal Volume 800 ml, Peak Airway Pressure 20 cmH2O, Peak Inspiratory Pressure 30 cmH2O, Plateau pressure 35 cmH2O, Peep 10 cmH2O. Explain permissive hypercapnia and why this strategy is used for ventilating COPD patients in acute respiratory failure. What is the recommended strategy for ventilating patients with ARDS? What is the recommended strategy for ventilating patients with traumatic brain injury? Submit your answers in at least 500 words on a Word document. You must cite at least three references to defend and support your position.
Prompt For this assignment, you will provide detailed responses to the following questions. Be sure to review the link below regarding Calculations Commonly Performed in Respiratory Care RT EquationsPreview the document (I attached pdf) Describe the difference between dynamic compliance and static compliance. What useful information do we receive by monitoring dynamic compliance? What useful information do we receive by monitoring static compliance?
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