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Self Discovery Assignment FOUR: (Example)

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Name Professor Date Introduction Personality is the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determines the characteristics behavior and thought. Personality is also defined as the characteristics and behavior of a person that makes the person unique and different from other individuals. Personality identity defined through different views such as idiographic view and nomothetic view. Idiographic view assumes that each individual has a unique psychological structure and some characters are only possessed by one person only and it is very difficult to compare one person with other people. Nomothetic view emphasizes that individuals can be compared. It sees that people possesses traits that have the same psychological meaning. Personality development can also be influenced by interaction of nature and nurture. According to my thinking about my personality development Freud’s theory best describes my personality development. Freud’s theory shows that personality involves some factors such as early personality during adulthood. Jung’s typology test helps one to understand one’s personality. The test characterizes one in different preferences such as extraverted vs. introverted sensing vs. intuition and judging vs. perceiving and thinking vs. feeling. After taking the test the outcome confirms my personality in which I believe describes my characteristics. World views are believes and assumptions by which we as individuals make sense of reality within the language and traditions of our culture. World views answers different questions in our lives such as the meaning of life the thought on spiritually how to interact in the natural world and how one relates with others. These will help one to understand his or her personality in different forms. References Hall Calvin S. and Gardner Lindzey. "Theories of personality." (1957). Spoto Angelo. Jung's typology in perspective. Chiron Publications 1995. Nagel Jerry Lynn. Art of hosting worldview. Uitgever niet vastgesteld 2015. [...]

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This assignment relates to personality development and your personal identity. It is important to delve deeper into your own personality to better work with others. It can be difficult to look at one’s self and to recognize hidden bias and personality traits so be gentle with yourself and enjoy the exploration. Some specific areas may help you look at your world view so as you are doing this assignment think about your worldview in relation to: Community orientation Cultural orientation Environmental orientation Family orientation Gender orientation Sexuality orientation Again this are just a few orientations to use as a guide. Review this site for a reminder of the theories of personality that you studied in your general education classes and will continue to study in SW320 and SW330 at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Discuss the theory that resonates with you. Which one is it and why do you think it best fits your way of thinking? Please write 300 words on this subject. Take the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test™ at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and review your scores. Do they seem accurate and close to your personality? (Please note this is not a scientific test and was self-administered and scored, it in no way should be taken as exact and is meant for one way to examine your personality.) Please write 300 words on what your found interesting in the personality test taken. With this need for self-understanding, think about how your current worldview came to be and what that worldview consists of. Worldviews reflect your thoughts on spirituality, what the meaning of life is, how to interact in the natural world and how you see yourself in relation to others. Watch this video from Jerry Nagel - A Way Forward when Worldviews Collide: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and discuss what your world view currently is, how you got this world view and ways it may change in the future. Please write 300 words on this subject. (Links to an external site.) Write a final 300-word essay on how all three areas discussed will enhance your abilities to be a Professional Social Worker and areas that you have learned or realized something new about your world view. For a total of 1200 words for the final product.

Subject Area: Social Work

Document Type: Reports

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