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SUBJECT AREA Criminology
CREATED ON 20th March 2018
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Case study on police corruption (Hillsbourgh disaster)

This assessment is designed to test all of the learning outcomes for the module. As well as being judged against the general marking criteria (structure, clear argument, clarity of expression, and conformity with referencing standards), you will be assessed on the extent that you identify themes and locate yourself within the academic literature, provide evidence, successfully adopt methodological techniques and draw from and development of theory. This piece of assessment will be in essay format, but is not a set essay in which you are given the question, it is an applied research paper in which you chose the topic and set the question. You may select a case study of your choice but it must relate to one of the themes covered in the lectures and seminars in the module. Your case study should include the following elements:  State the topic area, why it is interesting and your research question  Explain how you will address the question  Engage with relevant theories or concepts that have been applied to this case or similar cases, or that you think have a bearing  Investigate a broad range of empirical sources  Analyse the case from different aspects and perspectives  Evaluate the case study both in terms of what has happened and in terms of any reflections on the theoretical implications, coming back to the literature.
This assessment is designed to test all of the learning outcomes for the module. As well as being judged against the general marking criteria (structure, clear argument, clarity of expression, and conformity with referencing standards), you will be assessed on the extent that you identify themes and locate yourself within the academic literature, provide evidence, successfully adopt methodological techniques and draw from and development of theory. This piece of assessment will be in essay format, but is not a set essay in which you are given the question, it is an applied research paper in which you chose the topic and set the question. You may select a case study of your choice but it must relate to one of the themes covered in the lectures and seminars in the module.
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