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SUBJECT AREA English Language
CREATED ON 26th September 2016
COMPLETED ON 30th October 2016
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Chinese education system has negative influence on Chinese students in the past twenty yeas

i need two things, one 4 pages proposal, one 12 pages essay(pages excluding the references). rubric will be provided later on, please write/edit these two works according to the rubric. this argumentative essay is about comparing chinese eudcation system with american/indian/british etc. 12 minimum academic sources required in APA style.
i need two things, one 4 pages proposal, one 12 pages essay(pages excluding the references). rubric will be provided later on, please write/edit these two works according to the rubric. this argumentative essay is about comparing chinese eudcation system with american/indian/british etc. 12 minimum academic sources required in APA style.
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