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Create / Respond Assignment #3 (Example)

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Name Instructor Course Date Create/Respond Assignment #3 Time and Motion Image 1. Captured by Eadweard Muybridge: These are a visually dynamic image of the same person throwing a disc. The images utilize the blurred background so that to portray the sense of motion easily. How static a piece of art is represent the movement as well as time. An artist uses the same figure taken repeatedly but only at different times to portray the chances of a move. If there are chances of a shift in an image there are also proves of time passage. The pictures are put side by side so that to look into the rhythms and the mechanisms that every picture creates from every act. The first image pose is lurk within the garbage. One of the scenes shows how the residents cook food in the midst of waste. Muniz as a result opts to come up with excellent assistance from art. He paints all of the portraits with the signs of garbage. He cooperated with every individual including his team to create first-hand images by the use of the materials founded in the wastes. There is a profound crash between the art portrayed from the film and the possibilities of providing therapy to the residents. Muniz manages to create sculptures that are monumental and that suit the environment. The ethical question raised by the film is the extent to which the members of the media in relation to the artists should draw their lines. [...]

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Time & Motion Create a sense of time/motion using a series of 3 visually dynamic images. The images need to focus on time and/or motion as the primary visual element without using any sort of symbology, (i.e. an image of a clock doesn't visually employ time, the clock is a merely a symbol of how we tell time). There is a difference! Think of the images as film stills, i.e. a moment in time, or perhaps individual images could use blur to actually show motion. It can be drawings or photographs but the images must be your creation. Each image must be in black and white. State in a few sentences what your intention was regarding how your post focuses on time and/or motion, and how successful you feel the images convey your idea. Is it possible to create an evocative narrative with only 3 images? Architecture Find an image of a building you find interesting because of its architectural design. The building you choose MUST be one that you have actually visited/seen. The building may be contemporary, ancient, or anything in between. In 100 - 150 words describe what you find interesting about the building using a minimum of one element of art, (line, space, light, color, texture, pattern, time). If you need to grab an image of the internet, that is fine, but it needs to be a structure you have been to. Make sure to give photographic credit if the images isn't your own. Seeing Examine an artwork on the campus of OSU. It can be the same piece you wrote about for the first two assignments, but it doesn't have to be. Take a photograph of the artwork, include it in your assignment, and answer the following questions in a minimum of 150 words: What is the subject / what are the visual characteristics of the artwork? How do these characteristics create content/meaning? Do you feel the artist uses the "visual language" of the artwork in an effective manner? Why? Film Response: Wasteland 1. Write a minimum of 150 words describing what you thought was the most interesting aspect of Vic Muniz's work. Also state how you think the documentary adds to the understanding of his work? In other words, what does the film say, that the artists' work on its own cannot? OR 2. Create a representational image in the style of Vic Muniz using non-traditional materials. Photograph your creation and write why you chose to create the image you did, and what materials are used in it's creation.

Subject Area: Arts

Document Type: Paraphrasing

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