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Ahmed is a seven-year-old child who has always seemed happy and cognitively engaged with learning but in recen

This assessment requires you to engage with a case study and consider how you would respond as a teacher. In completing this assessment, you will draw together the theoretical frameworks and models for responding to a range of behaviours displayed in the learning environment. You are required to create strategies and describe these in your response for inclusive and ethical practices with families, community and support agencies. This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes: 1 Apply appropriate theoretical frameworks and models for responding to a range of behaviours displayed in the learning environment. 2 Create strategies for working effectively and ethically with families, community and support agencies. ¥ identification and discussion of a variety of effective strategies and interventions that could support the learner in the case study in the learning environment to make decisions and guide their own behaviour ¥ identification of how you would prepare the physical and social environment to contribute to the child’s relationship with others and learning ¥ identification of familial, cultural and ethical considerations related to the case identification of how you can make effective use of policy frameworks and external support organisations ¥ consideration and discussion of the behaviour framework, strategy and model you would apply for your chosen case study ¥ discussion of theories that have been used to guide approaches to behaviour management. Case analysis format When writing your response the following structure is recommended: ¥ Analysis. ¥ Findings. Recommendations.
This assessment requires you to engage with a case study and consider how you would respond as a teacher. In completing this assessment, you will draw together the theoretical frameworks and models for responding to a range of behaviours displayed in the learning environment. You are required to create strategies and describe these in your response for inclusive and ethical practices with families, community and support agencies. This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes: 1 Apply appropriate theoretical frameworks and models for responding to a range of behaviours displayed in the learning environment.
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Florida. However, some districts do not have adequate funding or enough staff to secure mentors. Evaluate two strategies to increase mentorship in districts that are in need. " 4-5 paragraphs, 4-5 sentences in each of paragraph. It is going to be a computer test for 50 min. Regards..
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I have attached a sample reflection paper from last year, done by other student. The writer can read that assignment and make totally new and different one for me. Please include the creation story on the reflection paper as well. A link to watch the creation story.
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Topic 1: What are the capabilities and limitations of intelligence in supporting homeland security efforts? This paper should provide an examination of the various elements that comprise the intelligence community from local law enforcement to national agencies and how each of those entities contributes to the development of homeland security intelligence...
Are people with mental health problems at increased risk of violent offending? Discuss.
Students must submit an essay addressing one of the three topics below. In completing the essay students are required to review and include at least five articles published in academic journals that relate to the essay question. The essays should be clearly argued and reflect your critical thinking on the topic...
Describe the main differences between the soul and the body, according to Socrates.
Write a 1000-word descriptive essay;Describe the main differences between the soul and the body, according to Socrates. That is, identify the important differences between their properties and explain why these differences make them fundamentally different.

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