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Technology and Children Argumentative Essay with Annotated Bibliography

• Write an essay (no less than five pages in length) that states an original thesis statement on technology and children. • Demonstrate the ability to make and support an Argumentative claim in a well-supported, organized, and cohesive essay. • Demonstrate the ability to select credible and reliable sources for use in a well-supported and cohesive essay. • Demonstrate the ability to write a direct quote, paraphrased, or summary citation in APA Style • Prepare an Annotated Bibliography for the two sources used • Please see attachments for further specific instructions and guidelines.
• Write an essay (no less than five pages in length) that states an original thesis statement on technology and children. • Demonstrate the ability to make and support an Argumentative claim in a well-supported, organized, and cohesive essay. • Demonstrate the ability to select credible and reliable sources for use in a well-supported and cohesive essay. • Demonstrate the ability to write a direct quote, paraphrased, or summary citation in APA Style • Prepare an Annotated Bibliography for the two sources used • Please see attachments for further specific instructions and guidelines.
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URGENT annotated bib needs to be done by 3/11 by 8pm EST
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