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Led to set up a shelter and soup kitchen for the homeless on Vancouver’s downtown eastside.

Based on the religious teachings of the Dhammapada, write an essay on why the Buddha would feel compelled to set up a shelter and soup kitchen for the homeless on Vancouver’s downtown eastside. In doing so, you should consider how suffering, death and enlightenment are understood in the Dhammapada. Moreover, your answer should explain why you think the Buddha would be willing to engage in caring for those people who may have been rejected by family members and/or members of society at large. The point of the exercise is to use the primary source in support of your argument and points so in intro i need 1.) thesis main argument 2.) methodology- adressing hypothetical question sustained with a primary source(textual analysisof a primary source objective- thehsis going to explore -provide structure of esssay 5 body paragraph points- 1 point= 1 paragraph (general thesis explaination(specific example quote from dhamapaada and conclusion one paragraph
Based on the religious teachings of the Dhammapada, write an essay on why the Buddha would feel compelled to set up a shelter and soup kitchen for the homeless on Vancouver’s downtown eastside. In doing so, you should consider how suffering, death and enlightenment are understood in the Dhammapada. Moreover, your answer should explain why you think the Buddha would be willing to engage in caring for those people who may have been rejected by family members and/or members of society at large.
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