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Critique of Paul Tough's ideas on urban education as presented in How Children Succeed

This assignment is to be a paper of at least ten (10) pages (not including title page and references) that analyses the ways in which the identity of "poor kid" affects adolescents. Critique of Paul Tough's ideas on urban education as presented in How Children Succeed. You will critique this approach in relation to two additional pieces 1) Bambara's short story The lesson and the January 6, 2018 broadcast from This American Life ("Three Miles".) Step 1: Your preparation Read/listen to all three pieces. 1.This American Life ( 2. Bambara's short story The lesson 3. Paul Tough's ideas on urban education as presented in How Children Succeed ( Step 2: Be sure that you understand the meaning of "soft skills," then find five (5) academic articles, not included in the course shell, that examine the broad concept of "soft skills." Next, please situate adolescent identity formation, within the context of school success, with an additional five (5) articles from the course shell. This means that your bibliography should contain a minimum of 10 articles. By all means, do not summarize the material from any of the three anchor pieces in any way. This paper should be ten (10) pages in length, using the same criteria in both Academic Writing and the course rubric. It's due date is in the course calendar. Helpful Information The academic research tradition is in two formats. A. Quantitative work usually reports the result of an experimental study, attempting to isolate ONE variable. These articles include the population sample under investigation, a specific methodology, results of the investigation and discussion of the findings. B. Qualitative research, often in case study format, is usually presented as a compilation of a student's experiences or of themes that have been taken from the lived worlds of many similarly situated youth. In addition, there is the essay, (the Haberman piece is an essay.) yet in order to be respected in the field of education, the author needs a track record! While supported by data, the essay is a personal statement. If you choose essays as some of your 5 articles, please make sure that the authors have an established reputation in urban educational thinking. (Please check with me if you have any questions about this.) The perimeters for the articles are: The site of the study has to be the USA. The articles must be 10 pages or longer in length. The articles have to have been written in the last ten years. The focus of the articles must be urban education. Education Digest (or any other digest), and Clearinghouse are not acceptable sources. Remember, once a paper is submitted, it may not be re-written for additional credit. Because of the time crunch at the end of the semester, I will only give you general feedback on this paper.
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