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Alcohol and Drug Abuse (PreK-12 children and families)

Mid-Term Research Project 1. The student will select a special group not specifically addressed in the class. These groups frequently experience bias and prejudicial treatment by society. The student will select a research topic from the following subgroups listed below: --Alcohol and Drug Abuse (PreK-12 children including families) 2. The research should include a minimum of 6 sources taken from journal articles, books, tapes, films, Internet sites or other viable research documents/resources. A reference listing of resources should be included with the paper being written using APA style. The APA style must be used for formatting the entire paper and references or 15 points will be deducted for that criterion (see rubric below). An abstract, however, is not required for this project. Possible sources for the APA style are listed under Announcements on the Course Home page. The paper should be informational in nature and must include a discussion of each of the following required areas: --Historical perspective of the group chosen for study including challenges and successes. --What problems exist or may exist in an educational setting for the group chosen for study and what can or should be done about those problems --Common characteristics associated with members of the group being researched --Evidence of perceived or real encounters of prejudice, bias, stereotypical attitudes, and discrimination against the group being investigated --Specific examples of prejudice or discrimination recently observed through the media (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc) portrayal of the group --Examples of what is being done in general to help the situation of the group (children including families) being studied 3. Rubric of points 15 pts--Correct use of APA Format required (references, citations, a title/cover page, use of quoted material, etc.) 10 pts—Use of a variety of resources, at least 6 different resources used, not all from the Internet 25 pts—Presentation (organized with good transitions, correct usage of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.). The project meets the 6-page minimum (without the cover page and references' page included in the six pages). It should be noted, if more than half of the project (3 pages) is quoted material from other sources, at least 10 points would be deducted (more if more of the project is quoted material). This is to be a research project where the student finds information, analyzes the information and then puts the information into their own words -- using appropriate citations for the content taken from other sources. 50 pts—Informational content of paper includes adequate discussion of all the six areas listed above and other areas included by the student; a logical flow to the ideas is evident, with all ideas relevant to the topic selected by the student and approved by the instructor. If a required content area listed above is not included in the project, at least 7 points will be deducted for each one not included. (Note: Plagiarism will result in a zero for this entire assignment.) Citations Morriscey, C. (2016). PUI: Parenting Under the Influence. Retrieved March 08, 2018, from Characteristics and Personality Traits of an Adult Child of an Alcoholic. (2016). Retrieved March 08, 2018, from alcoholics.php Bocella, I. (2009). Protecting Children in Families Affected by Substance Use Disorders (3rd ed., User Manual). ICF International. Lander, L., Howsare, J., & Byrne, M. (2013). The Impact of Substance Use Disorders on Families and Children: From Theory to Practice. Social Work in Public Health, 28(0), 194–205. Stereotypes of Drug and Alcohol Users. (2012). Retrieved March 08, 2018, from How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs. (n.d.). Retrieved March 08, 2018, from Understanding Family Roles in Addiction. (n.d.). Retrieved March 08, 2018, from How to Tell Your Kids about Your Addiction. (2017, November 03). Retrieved March 08, 2018, from
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