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Dear Ted: "how can i be happier at work?" (Example)

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Name Professor Course Date Article Analysis Alain de Bottom the author of the article has offered a range of dos and don’ts that would help people who find themselves victims of not being happy at their job places one of the options that I concur with is defining success in your terms. It is a critical aspect when it comes to making achievements in life (Aaronson 1991). Different people have different aspirations in life similarly their level of aspiration vary and intern affects their emotions while working. There are instances when one feels like not working especially if one has already achieved the target goal they had set. However different people have different set goals for those who dream big have to go an extra mile before they achieve their goals. Therefore defining success on one’s Lopez way of thinking the reader develops trust on the message relayed by the article. The author of the article “Dear TED: How can I be happier at work?” has successfully employed important communication methods good communication skills act as a spotlight that facilitate easy communication. Works cited Aaronson Neil K. et al. "Quality of life research in oncology. Past achievements and future priorities." Cancer 67.S3 (1991): 839-843. Botton Alain. "Dear TED: “How Can I Be Happier at Work?”." 2 Mar. 2018 Michael G. Kevin W. Rickman and Jeffrey B. Kaufmann. "Constructing professional identity: The role of work and identity learning cycles in the customization of identity among medical residents." Academy of management journal 49.2 (2006): 235-262. Seligman Martin EP. Learned optimism: How to change your mind and your life. Vintage 2006.Young entrepreneurs counsil. "14 Best Practices for More Effective Communication." 18 May 2015 [...]

Order Description: For this assignment please thoughtfully discuss the article entitled Dear TED: "How can I be happier at work?" A link to this article appears at the bottom of this page. After reading this article please write a paper in which you: Subject the content of Dear TED: "How can I be happier at work?" to critical evaluation.Which claims do you agree with, and why? Which claims do you disagree with, and why? How do the issues and events described in this article relate to your experience or observation about people's communication practices? These questions are intended as helpful suggestions for framing a response to the reading. You are not required to address these particular questions if you don't want to. You must, however, offer a thoughtful and well-argued response to what you have read. Please offer reasons and evidence in support of the positions you are taking. In presenting your views, be sure to clearly identify concepts and findings in the readings that are relevant to your argument. Your essay must be a minimum of 700 words and should be submitted electronically via Blackboard. To submit your essay, please click on the EXTRA CREDIT 1 link above, and then go to the Assignment Submission section of the page that appears. The deadline for submitting is Thursday, March 8. Any time on March 8 will be fine. PLEASE NOTE: The word count should be printed at the top of the essay. In grading submissions, the following criteria will be considered: topical relevance, coherence, and length. Topical relevance means the written work must clearly relate to the assignment. Coherence relates to the clarity of both the position being expressed and the writing. A clear position is one whose ideas mesh. Writing quality speaks to how well those ideas are communicated. Grammatical breakdowns, misspellings, inappropriate word choices, and improper punctuation interfere with effective communication. In order to evaluate what you say, it is necessary to understand what you say. [HELPFUL HINT: Careful proofreading can go a long way toward insuring that your ideas are clearly expressed.] Finally, students must meet the length requirement specified for the assignment.

Subject Area: Communications

Document Type: Reports

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