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Should the U.S. provide free education for all U.S. citizens?

This work includes the research paper proposal (in the outline form as it says in the guidelines I attached), the annotated bibliography (several sources as says in guidelines), and Submission Two (intro, social problems, conceptual definitions, limits for project, positions/stakeholders, issues/arguments, plans/actions, and works cited). This is probably going to be like 10 pages of work and I need it to follow the guidelines exactly. Did you read the file I attached clearly to see the instructions? I need all this work done by Saturday before 10pm, I am willing to pay more for this. Let me know how much ASAP
This work includes the research paper proposal (in the outline form as it says in the guidelines I attached), the annotated bibliography (several sources as says in guidelines), and Submission Two (intro, social problems, conceptual definitions, limits for project, positions/stakeholders, issues/arguments, plans/actions, and works cited). This is probably going to be like 10 pages of work and I need it to follow the guidelines exactly. Did you read the file I attached clearly to see the instructions? I need all this work done by Saturday before 10pm, I am willing to pay more for this.
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