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Haiti to Guinea: Patterns of the U.S., French Connection

When did the Haitian Revolution begin, and end? Who were the major actors from the Haitian army? Who were major actors from the French military? What was the French’s response to Haiti winning its independence? How did this affect the United States of America’s relationships with both newly independent Haiti, and France? In what ways does this mirror the Republic of Guinea gaining its independence in 1958? What do you believe has changed in times with these relationships, and why are these past events so important to U.S. development? The Haitian Revolution: Professor Explains the Haitian Revolution: The Library Congress Explains the Haitian Revolution:
When did the Haitian Revolution begin, and end? Who were the major actors from the Haitian army? Who were major actors from the French military? What was the French’s response to Haiti winning its independence?
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