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Review of research and recommendation for final team paper

In this task, you need to write about review of the research and recommendation for my final team paper. 1. Read the intro that shows you what the issue of our organization is facing on. (my part is about working flexibility that cause high turnover) *(As a result from the survey that we handed out, one employee thinks that working hour is unbearably long, the wages paid here is only enough for food. In addition to that, I have to travel a long way to get to work. I can never being assigned to a gym that’s close to my house.) that is related to working flexibility - keep that in mind 2. I already chose an article for you to write, please relate it to our organization issue as review of research 3. write about recommendation. In this part you may want to go in more detail, and then come up with pros and coins **APA style You may use first person to describe your team’s work with the company.
In this task, you need to write about review of the research and recommendation for my final team paper. 1. Read the intro that shows you what the issue of our organization is facing on. (my part is about working flexibility that cause high turnover) *(As a result from the survey that we handed out, one employee thinks that working hour is unbearably long, the wages paid here is only enough for food.
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