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The role of government in the funding of clinical trials for the development of new therapeutics (drugs)".

Writing samples play an important role in helping the admission committee evaluate an applicant’s research, writing, analytical and problem-solving skills. As part of the application process, please compose a 2 to 4 page essay on the topic of: "The role of government in the funding of clinical trials for the development of new therapeutics (drugs)". The admission committee will evaluate the writing sample based on the following criteria: 1. Thesis Development and Critical Thinking: Include (a) thesis, (b) argument, (c) research and (d) analysis. 2. Organization: Assists with the development of the argument and includes fluid transitions to achieve coherence between paragraphs. 3. Paragraph Development: Provides overall stability of the writing sample and includes the use of transitions and language within each paragraph. 4. Mechanics: Clarify through spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization. 5. Style: The applicant should compose the writing sample in AMA style. The writing sample should exhibit the style guidelines in the areas of: (a) in-text citations; (b) reference list; (c) title; (d) headings; (e) sub-headings; (f) numbers; (g) serial content; (h) quotes; (i) punctuation; etc.
Writing samples play an important role in helping the admission committee evaluate an applicant’s research, writing, analytical and problem-solving skills. As part of the application process, please compose a 2 to 4 page essay on the topic of: "The role of government in the funding of clinical trials for the development of new therapeutics (drugs)". The admission committee will evaluate the writing sample based on the following criteria: 1. Thesis Development and Critical Thinking: Include (a) thesis, (b) argument, (c) research and (d) analysis.
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