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Forensics Debate Observation & Critique Discussion

1) Who in your opinion won the debate? Employ Aristotle’s three artistic proofs as you share your thoughts: pathos, logos, and ethos. When you employ Aristotle’s proofs throughout your video post, you must demonstrate both understanding of each proof's meaning, and application to what you have observed. 2) What was your opinion of the overall debate? Was the debate productive? Was it informative? Strong or weak? Did you enjoy it! Did it influence your vote?
1) Who in your opinion won the debate? Employ Aristotle’s three artistic proofs as you share your thoughts: pathos, logos, and ethos. When you employ Aristotle’s proofs throughout your video post, you must demonstrate both understanding of each proof's meaning, and application to what you have observed. 2) What was your opinion of the overall debate?
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