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Untreated High Blood Pressure Evidence-Based Case Presentation Oral Hygiene

Evidence-Based Case Presentation Assignment Oral Hygiene Clinic Case Report of Untreated High Blood Pressure Report should be formatted according to AMA style Three – Five Citations; one must be a literature review. All sources must be appropriately cited in the assignment submitted. All contributions by others (students, researchers, authors, etc.) must be cited. Guidelines: Assessment: Patient assessment must include the following information: 1. Identify health conditions and medications that impact overall patient care 2. Identify predisposing and etiologic risk factors that require disease prevention intervention. 3. Identify patients at risk for medical emergency and patient management in prevention of such occurrence. 4. Identify dietary deficiencies that require nutritional counseling. Diagnosis: Based on all assessment data, and using critical decision making skills provide the rational for patient’s dental hygiene needs: 1. Identify significant findings and patient needs that impact on the delivery of dental hygiene services 2. Develop and determine dental hygiene diagnosis. 3. Conduct a computerized search for finding the best external evidence to answer your question. Minimum 3-5 sources in proper AMA format/footnote. One is literature review. Planning: Formulate a comprehensive dental hygiene care plan that is patient-centered, and has been developed in collaboration with patient and faculty. Provide the following information to support the treatment plan: Established collaborative relationship with patient in planned care to include: a. Etiology b. Prognosis c. Treatment alternatives d. Informed consent Implementation: Provide preventive and therapeutic dental hygiene services designed to achieve and maintain oral health goals formulated in collaboration with patient. Provide the following information: 1. What were the modalities and sequence of care provided to the patient? 2. Which accepted clinical and behavioral techniques were used for pain or anxiety control? Evaluation: Evaluate effectiveness of clinical, preventive and educational services implemented. Provide the following information: 1. Based on periodontal examination, probing, gingival and plaque indices, exploring, and patient self-report, determines the outcomes of the dental hygiene intervention. 2. Evaluate patient’s satisfaction with achieved oral health status and dental hygiene health care provided. 3. Subsequent treatment or referrals provided based on evaluation findings. 4. Recommendation for health maintenance program. Assessment: (25pts) ______Student identifies health conditions and medications that impact overall patient care ______Student identifies predisposing and etiologic risk factors that require disease prevention intervention Diagnosis: (20pts) ______Student conducts a computerized search for finding the best external evidence to answer the question. ______Minimum 3-5 sources in proper AMA format/ footnote. One is a literature review. Planning: (20pts) ______Oral hygiene condition and dental health education ______Student identifies potential problems or risk factors ______Referrals to other health care professionals ______Established collaborative relationship with patient in planned care to include etiology, prognosis, treatment alternatives, informed consent ______ Nutritional recommendations, where necessary, are made. Implementation: (20pts) ______Modalities and sequence of care provided to patient ______Accepted clinical and behavioral techniques were used for pain or anxiety control Evaluation: (15pts) ______Subsequent treatment or referrals provided based on evaluation findings ______Recommendation for health maintenance program ______ Grammar, spelling and format
Evidence-Based Case Presentation Assignment Oral Hygiene Clinic Case Report of Untreated High Blood Pressure Report should be formatted according to AMA style Three – Five Citations; one must be a literature review. All sources must be appropriately cited in the assignment submitted. All contributions by others (students, researchers, authors, etc.) must be cited. Guidelines: Assessment: Patient assessment must include the following information: 1.
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