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Physics questions (Example)

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Starting from rest at the top a child slides down the water slide at a swimming pool and enters the water at a final speed of 8.11 m/s. At what final speed would the child enter the water if the water slide were 6 times as high? Ignore friction and resistance from the air and the water lubricating the slide. Please round your answer to one decimal place. Solution K.E =P.E Solve to get the initial height ½ mv2 = mgh ½V2=hg 1/2 ×8.112 =h× 10 h= 3.289m by multiplying the initial height by 6 solve to get the final velocity. ½mv2= mg (6h) V2 = 394.8169 V= 19.9m/s In being served a tennis ball is accelerated from rest to a speed of  40 m/s. The average power generated during the serve is 4322 W. Assuming that the acceleration of the ball is constant during the serve what is friction of the floor (assuming that the frictional force is constant). Please round your answer to two decimal places. Solution F= UN where; U is the coefficient F is the frictional force= ma N is the normal force= mg U =F N Therefore U= ma÷mg Using newton’s 3rd law; V2 = u2 - 2as 6.12 = 12.52 - 2 x a x 13.9 37.21 = 156.25 - 27.8a 37.21 - 156.25= -27.8a -119.04 =a -27.8 a= 4.282m/s2 U =ma ÷ mg U = 4.282m/s2 ÷ 9.8m/s2 Coefficient U = 0.437 Hence U= 0.44 A traveler pulls her suitcase with a force of 43 N over a distance of 60 m. She pulls the suitcase at angle of 43o. How much work does she do? Please round your answer to the nearest whole number (integer). 1263656985000 43N 60m )43o W = (F cos o) s = [(43.0N) cos 430]60m =1886.8J =1887J [...]

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I need help, and the work shown on these questions I need a A+ so who can help me.

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