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Gender and sex discrimination in the workplace Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Gender and sex discrimination in the workplace Sociological perspective Introduction Gender discrimination is one of the major social problems that have affected me within my society especially in my workplace. Gender discrimination is an act of unequal or unfair treatment of individuals based on their sex (Wolfe 2012). It may also be addressed as sex-based discrimination or sexual discrimination. As a woman I have come to realize that this social problem is highly prone and exposed to women within the society. It may be considered illegal to practice gender discrimination among the employees in the workplace as it socially emotionally and mentally affects the individual performance in their line of work. Exposure to gender violation and discrimination especially among women have basically been caused by the social norm and beliefs that man should always be superior and dominate especially in technology and innovation. The education system has managed to prove that women more competent and can as well learn to do things better thus raising the standards of the society normative from gender discrimination to gender mainstreaming. References Calhoun  A. W. (1960). A social history of the American family. New York: Barnes & Noble. Heilman  M. E. & Caleo  S. (2015). Gender Discrimination in the Workplace. Oxford Handbooks Online. doi:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199363643.013.7 Marx  K. (1964). Selected writings in sociology & social philosophy. New York: McGraw-Hill. Moberg  D. O. (1962). The church as a social institution: The sociology of American religion. Englewood Cliffs NJ: Prentice-Hall. Pun S. (n.d.). Conflict Theory and Gender Inequality. Retrieved from Root III  G. N. (2010 November 15). Solutions for Gender Discrimination. Retrieved from Sarhandi  N. (2010 June 25). IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS OF SOCIETY. Retrieved from Wolfe  L. (2012 July 23). Gender Discrimination: It Happens To Men Too. Retrieved from [...]

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This "research paper" is worth 180 points and should take at least 8-10 pages (MINIMUM 2,000 words) to adequately complete. -No plagiarism -must be APA Style format Part I - The Sociological Perspective CLEARLY identify a current social problem/issue (with research support) that affects you personally. Use the "sociological perspective" to discuss the problem/issue and include these elements in your answer: • Discuss IN DETAIL which of the major theoretical perspectives in Sociology that best "explains" the social problem/issue, and be sure to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the theoretical perspective based upon the text AND supporting research. • Explain the "cultural" components/elements that contribute to the causes, effects, and/or solutions of the problem/issue. • Identify and discuss the relationship of the "socialization" process to the issue/problem, causes and solutions, make sure and talk about what "agents of socialization" are important in your discussion. Part II - Social Inequality The focus of this section of the paper is on several key concepts; social class, gender, and race/ethnicity, and the how these relate to the overall concept of social inequality. Here are the questions/issues to address in this part of the paper: • Identify as clearly as possible your social class as it relates to your personal (family) wealth, income, and occupational status and the relationship of your social class to your educational journey, past, present and future. • Identify your gender and discuss the consequences of your gender on current and potential occupational status, wealth, and income. • Identify your race/ethnicity and discuss the positive and/or negative consequences related to access to educational and occupational opportunities AND whether or not individual and/or institutional discrimination has affected your life chances. Part III - Social Institutions The focus of this part of the Core Assessment is on several of the dominant social institutions in society as presented in the text as “chapters”: • Chapter 8: Social Class in the United States • Chapter 11: Politics and the Economy • Chapter 12: Marriage and the Family • Chapter 13: Education and Religion Here is what you need to do: • Select two (2) of the chapters identified above and then focus on EACH of the institutions covered in the chapter and discuss sociologically how they affect you and others. • Use information from the text, other resources, and your personal experiences to critically evaluate the relationship between the institutions and the social trends and their effects on you and others. ****** Please see attached file for exact instructions***** Thank you

Subject Area: Sociology

Document Type: Research Paper

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