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Philosophy Paper (Example)

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Name Tutor’s name Course Date Aristotle’s Theory of soul Aristotle’s theory of soul brings a deeper understanding of functions of soul and all other information relating to it. The theory also provides information on how other essential parts of the body are related to the soul. (Aristotle’s Psychology). Significantly all living things exhibit powers of soul to a given degree; some possess wholly while others possess partly but to a significant extend. For instance both plants and animals possess the sense of nutrition for survival while all the species of animals possess the power of touch. Additionally soul serves as a basis for origin of self-nutrition ability to sense thought locomotion imagination. Living things comprises of plants and animals. The manner in which the animals perceive the ecosystem mode of nutrition thinking and sensation is distinct turn determines its end. Conclusion As illustrated earlier it is evidently to concur with the author of this theory that soul and body are inseparable in other words they complement each other. Nevertheless the body of the living creatures must bear unique features to match with the soul of the creature or the matter. Therefore it does not make sense to say soul surpasses the death of body as they go together. Work Cited. Algra K. J. Barnes J. Mansfeld & M. Schofield (eds.) 1999  The Cambridge History of Hellenistic Philosophy Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Cooper J. M. 1999  Reason and Emotion Princeton: Princeton University Press. Everson S. (ed.) 1991  Companions to Ancient Thought 2: Psychology Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Nussbaum M. C. & A. O. Rorty (eds.) 1992  Essays on Aristotle's De Anima Oxford: Clarendon Press. [...]

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Choose one of the following topics. 1) Explain Aristotle’s theory of the soul. Be sure to distinguish the capacities of the different types of souls, and the objects of those capacities. In view of Aristotle’s theory of the Four Causes, what does he mean when he says the soul is the form of the living body, and why does he think that not just any batch of matter can have a soul? How is the soul the final cause of the body as well? Assuming Aristotle’s theory of the soul is true, does it make sense to say that the soul (or any aspect of it) can survive the death of the body? Why or why not? 2) Where does Plato argue that knowledge comes from? Your answer should explain his Theory of Forms (using examples), and discuss two of the three selections from The Republic (Simile of the Sun, Divided Line, Allegory of the Cave). How credible is Plato’s claim that our knowledge comes from non-sensory experiences with Forms in between lives? Give reasons for your assessment. 3) Locke holds that our minds at birth are “blank slates,” devoid of ideas and knowledge, including knowledge of two basic truths of logic: “What is, is,” and “It is impossible for the same thing to be and not to be.” Explain these principles with examples, and discuss why one might think the principles are innate. Assess Locke’s arguments to the contrary. ​ Be sure to explain things in your own words, and use your own examples, where appropriate. (See paper writing tips attached.) Remember to provide citations for any quotes from the readings, lectures, or any outside sources (including Internet sources). I would recommend, however, that you restrict your sources to the readings and lecture material. Also, I would prefer to see quotes from the readings as opposed to the slides. As the syllabus states, the paper should be 2 ½-3 pages long, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font. It is due Tuesday, March 6 in class. ​

Subject Area: Philosophy

Document Type: Reports

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