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Revise the Essay from the Reading and Writing class

This is a compare and contrast essay work from my Reading and Writing Class. The requirements are: In this essay, you need to read two articles; Critically analyze, compare and contrast these two articles in their opinions and writing skills, and illustrate how ideas and concepts in both articles are similar and different. You must include important ideas from the two articles by appropriately quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing them in APA format. The structure of the essay should be "point by point", and the first paragraph should contain some background related to the topic of those two articles. Please do not use "I" in the whole essay, and you don't need to use too much advanced vocabularies. Now, I hope you can help me to revise this essay according to my teacher's comments. My teacher's feedback to all students are stated as follows: 1. Page numbers on the Right. 2. On the Left Just Your name, my name, Essay 2 Draft 2 ( In the Final Just write Final Essay 2) and Date 3. Your Citations are incorrect - No Titles of articles must be mentioned only AUTHORS' LAST name. Quotations are also not very important.Choose ones that are important not state the same thing you explain in your signal phrase. Quotations must have page numbers at the end of the quote. 4. You need explanation and link between paragraphs for Cohesion; therefore, you need Transitions. Join sentences which have similar ideas with connectors 5. References- is the word not Reference not Resources and it should be in the center on a NEW Page. 6. The conclusions are not effective and you need to bring the essay to a close. 7. You CANNOT use Article 1 & 2 in the essay. It may make your job easier but no one can remember what is 1 & 2. Use the author's name according to APA Rules.
This is a compare and contrast essay work from my Reading and Writing Class. The requirements are: In this essay, you need to read two articles; Critically analyze, compare and contrast these two articles in their opinions and writing skills, and illustrate how ideas and concepts in both articles are similar and different. You must include important ideas from the two articles by appropriately quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing them in APA format. The structure of the essay should be "point by point", and the first paragraph should contain some background related to the topic of those two articles.
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