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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Example)

Document Preview:

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl: Name: Institution: Date: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Introduction: “Incidents in the life of a slave girl” is a book written by Harriet Ann’s Jacobs and was published in 1861. She identified herself as Linda Brent for her safety in the narrative. The narrative begins by discussing Harriet childhood. Her mother dies when she is six years old and that is when she realizes she is a slave. Harriet narrative is all about the hardships of being a woman piece of the society. She intentionally writes to highlight the gender issues in the society. Her intention was to appeal to free white women help them in understanding the cruelty of slavery and need for abolitionist movement. This paper will highlight the incidents in the life of a slave girl and the themes that Harriet was trying to portray her shoulders. She concludes her narrative by relating her uncle and grandmother deaths that lived to see her earn her freedom. Harriet keeps working for Mrs. Bruce out of love devotion duty and hopes of having a hearthstone by herself one day. References: Ball Molly. "On Making the Present Past: Nongenerational Temporality in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl." ESQ: A Journal of Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture 62.3 (2016): 419-442. Berry Sarah L. "“[No] Doctor but My Master”: Health Reform and Antislavery Rhetoric in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl." Journal of Medical Humanities 35.1 (2014): 1-18. Kim Myungsung. "Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and Toni Morrison’s Beloved." 59.4 (2017): 129-150. Pratt Casey. "" These things took the shape of mystery": Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl as American Romance." African American Review 47.1 (2014): 69-81. [...]

Order Description:

You will be expected to analyze and critique the book in addition to describing the content. The paper must be at least 1400 words and contain at least 3 but no more than 5 quotations. Please include your Works Cited page at the end of your paper. The title page and Works Cited page do NOT count toward the 1400 word minimum.You may use MLA, APA or Chicago style formatting. 1. Introduction (10 pts.) First identify the name and author of the book, identify the type of book, and describe the overall theme of the book. The first sentence should grab the reader’s attention.Last sentence of the Introduction should explain goal/purpose of the paper. 2. Overview (30 pts.) Summarize the book, explaining the main points. 3. Review of the book (50 pts.) This is the major section of the paper. Be sure to describe how the book affected you. Tell the reader if you liked the book or not. Be specific: Does the book leave out something it should have included? Would you recommend this book to someone else? What did you learn from the book? These are some of the questions you should consider. Remember – this is your opinion – I do not want you to research what anyone else has to say about the book. You may use quotes from the book, but I do not want to read about what anyone else thought of the book. You do not need to go to outside sources to develop your own views. Include an explanation of how the book relates to this course, identifying specific course themes that relate to your reading. 4. Conclusion (10 pts.) Present a summary of your paper and add any final thoughts. AFTER READING YOUR PAPER, THE READER SHOULD BE ABLE TO: ---Know the author’s name and book name. ---be able to identify your thesis sentence at the end of the first paragraph. ---Have a general overview of the story. ---Know your thoughts on the questions listed in the review. ---understand your conclusion as a brief restatement of the thesis as well as concluding and supporting information. It is your responsibility to ensure your paper has proper spacing and is at least 1400 words long. IF YOUR PAPER IS LESS THAN 1400 WORDS, IT WILL EARN A ZERO. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROOFREAD YOUR PAPER NUMEROUS TIMES. IF YOUR PAPER CANNOT BE READ OR UNDERSTOOD, IT WILL EARN A ZERO. Grammar Hints 1. PROOFREAD AND REVISE YOUR PAPER OUT LOUD NUMEROUS TIMES…HAVE ANOTHER PERSON PROOFREAD YOUR WORK…UTILIZE THE WRITING CENTER TO HELP REVISE YOUR PAPER. 2. YOU MUST TURN YOUR PAPER INTO The Link within the course!!!!!!!! Failure to submit your paper into The Link within the course will result in a ZERO. DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR PAPER. 3. If your paper is over 30% plagiarized (ACCORDING TO YOUR ORIGINALITY REPORT – SUBMIT EARLY TO ENSURE THERE IS NO PLAGIARISM), you will receive a ZERO. You are allowed to submit your paper more than one time until the due date. 4. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE PAPERS! Papers can be submitted at any time before the due date. 5. Students are encouraged to submit papers early in order to avoid unexpected emergencies and unexpected problems. DO NOT OFFER EXCUSES! Computer problems are not an acceptable excuse! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT OFFERING AN EXCUSE FOR FAILURE TO TURN IN THE PAPER ON TIME AS IT WILL BE COMPLETELY IGNORED AND DISREGARDED. 6. Avoid using informal language. This is a college paper and should be written for a college audience. Do not write this paper as if you were speaking to a classmate. 7. ABSOLUTELY NO misspelled words. 8. Begin sentences with capitals and end with proper punctuation. 9. Use punctuation correctly. 10. Use capitalization correctly. 11. Indent paragraphs. 12. Use proper noun-verb agreement. 13. Make sure sentences are complete and make sense. 14. Do not use run-on sentences nor sentence fragments/incomplete sentences. 15. Review rules on commas and semi-colons. 16. Vary the wording…avoid using words repetitiously. 17. Vary the beginning of sentences…avoid “The author said…The author did…The theme was…” 18. Do not begin sentences with: But, So, And, Because 19. Do not use contractions. 20. Avoid using quotes without citing them. 21. Minimum 1400 words. 22. Put a Header on the paper with your name, course #, page number 23. Put a Title on the paper. 24. Make sure that your paper includes an Introductory Paragraph and a Concluding Paragraph. 25. The first sentence of the Introductory Paragraph should grab the reader’s attention. 26. The last sentence of the Introductory Paragraph should explain the goal or purpose of the paper. 27. The concluding paragraph should sum up the paper and add any final thoughts. 28. Avoid writing in first and second person as much as possible. I realize this is an opinion paper, so get creative and vary your wording. The review section is the only area that first person is acceptable. 29. Avoid using questions in the paper. Phrase them as statements. 30. Write the paper in past tense.

Subject Area: History

Document Type: Personal Statement

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