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Table manners between chinese and american culture

DUE in less than 20 hours! Read the attachment (essay) and use it as a guide. The essay will need to connect to the attachment essay. Research and write about the POWER DISTANCES that happen in American Families, relating to the table manners and etiquettes that happen when they dine together. Pretend you have interviewed an American Family and you are writing about the observations you learn from the interview. A minimum of 2 readings should be cited in the paper. At least two of these readings should be research reports published in academic journals or books. Write the paper according to APA style guidelines, including format and citations. Below is the link to a website that contains useful information on APA guidelines.
DUE in less than 20 hours! Read the attachment (essay) and use it as a guide. The essay will need to connect to the attachment essay. Research and write about the POWER DISTANCES that happen in American Families, relating to the table manners and etiquettes that happen when they dine together.
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