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 Infant Physical Cognitive and Socioemotional Development Name Professor Course Date David an 11-month-old infant is able to crawl and stand up holding on to something. He even has the ability to discover hidden objects. However David is incapable of finding objects that have been moved out of sight as well & Fischer 2013). References Demetriou A. Shayer M. & Efklides A. (Eds.). (2016). Neo-Piagetian theories of cognitive development: Implications and applications for education. Routledge. Berk L. E. & Meyers A. B. (2016). Infants children and adolescents. Noam G. G. & Fischer K. W. (Eds.). (2013). Development and vulnerability in close relationships. Psychology Press. [...]

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Respond Positively with a minimum of 85 words to: This week’s discussion board focuses on infant’s physical, cognitive and socioemotional development. David, an 11-month-old infant, displays growth as a toddler by being able to crawl and stand up holding on to something. He even has the ability to find objects that are hidden. However, David struggles with the ability to find objects hidden in several locations and also objects that have been moved out of sight. According to table 5.2 (pg. 182), at 11 months David should be able to stand-alone. According to the passage, David has to be able to hold onto a rail in order to stand. David’s parents should not be concerned that he has not learned to stand on his own. The threshold for children at David’s age to have the ability to stand on their own is within 9-17 months. It is normal for a child to advance in presence and be absent. Piaget’s sensorimotor stage refers to the first two years of life. He believed that infants and toddlers “think” with their eyes, ears, hands, and other sensorimotor equipment. At 8-12 months, David is in the sensorimotor sub stage, which deals with the coordination of secondary circular reactions. This stage is intentional or goal-oriented behavior. This stage is also where children display the ability to search for hidden objects. I suspect that David will next venture into exploring objects by acting on them in novel ways (pg. 203). I would describe David’s attachment as “clear-cut.” This attachment phase occurs with babies who have separation anxiety. Secure attachment is when infants use the parent as a secure base. Insecure-avoidant attachment is when infants seem unresponsive to the parent when they are present. Insecure-resistant attachment is when infants fail to explore the world around them and often seek closeness. Last but not least, disorganized/disoriented attachment occurs when the pattern becomes the greatest insecurity. At this stage, infants show confused, contradictory behaviors (pg. 203).

Subject Area: Psychology

Document Type: Paraphrasing

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