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The Problems of Crime In American Society (Example)

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Name Professor Course DateImmigration and crime Introduction In the beliefs of the USA people for a long period is that the immigrants are more linked with crime. The increased number of migration was associated with the high increase I the United States. During the colonial period it is believed a big number flew to the United States avoid the penalties of faults committed on the country. These immigrants were thought to be troublesome citizens. This was after the transportation of the immigrants end and they started suffering hunger. It was also believed that some of the European countries continued to send criminals to the United States. The perception of immigrants was engaged in crime is because they were belonging to the criminal category back to their country or they could not change to new environments of American life. These observations have led the introduction of significant policy which are where the ones who were lacking documents to show that they were legally in the United States. Conclusion The immigrants to the United States has been vied as the source of crime but after the research it shows that the crimes committed by them stay less compared to the ones committed by United States resident. Research shows that change of environment and lack of job leads to these crimes. Works Cited Alaniz Maria Luisa Randi S. Cartmill and Robert Nash Parker. "Immigrants and violence: The importance of neighborhood context." Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 20.2 (1998): 155-174. Bui Hoan N. and Ornuma Thongniramol. "Immigration and self-reported delinquency: The interplay of immigration generations gender race and ethnicity." Journal of Crime and Justice 28.2 (2005): 71-99. Butcher Kristin F. and Anne Morrison Piehl. Why are immigrants' incarceration rates so low? Evidence on selective immigration deterrence and deportation. No. w13229. National Bureau of Economic Research 2007: 52-64. [...]

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For this assignment, students are asked to write a review of a research paper published on any academic journals of social science disciplines. (Note: Academic journals such as American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Social Problems, Social Psychology Quarterly, Sociology of Education, Sociological Forum, Sociological Methodology etc. These journals can be found in the school library and online, for example, Students are asked to select only one research paper and read it thoroughly and write a report about it. Students are required to incorporate the terms and techniques learned in class lecture in their report to show their understanding of the scientific research and its process. (It is expected that by reviewing extensively research papers and intensively studying one, students learn to be a good consumer of research papers). The following information should be included in the term paper: 1. The research topic the author(s) studied and the problem defined. 2. The approaches the researcher(s) adopted in exploring a social problem or phenomena (i.e. whether they adopt the inductive or deductive reasoning, qualitative or quantitative analysis; interpretive, positivist or critical social sicence in research orientation; a longitudinal or cross-sectional study?). 3. Give a brief description of the conceptual or theoretical framework (e.g. based on what previous research(es) or established theories the researcher(s) developed his/her hypothesis). 4. Point out the main hypotheses the researcher(s) set up for empirical test of the theory, (in a lot of cases, the hypotheses are not clearly or directly stated, but implied in the discussion, it is your responsibility to recognize the studied cause-effect relationships). What are the major variables studied, and specified relationships. (if a qualitative study, describe the process and concepts). 5. Describe the measures of the major variables (i.e., what are the operatonal definition, or empirical referents of the variables), discuss its validity and reliability). 6. Recognize the data-collecting method the researcher(s) adopted for the research. (If survey is used, tell where the studied sample come from, if secondary analysis of existing data is used, tell the source of the analyzed data). 7. Then report the research findings. (e.g. Are the hypotheses are supported by empirical evidence? What are the found relationships between variables?) The paper should be at least 4 pages long, typed and double-spaced. Use APA or MLA format. (Note: the above required items illustrating information need to be addressed in your paper, it should not be treated as questions to be answered. Your paper should be a coherently organized paper). Optional Topic: Write a paper to discuss the problem of crimes in American society. Students are required to apply the sociological theories learned in class to illustrate the causes of criminal behavior and logically develop social policy solutions based on respective theories. The paper should be at least 4 pages in length, including these information: --- illustration of the 3 major sociology theories on the image of society, and how society works, and why problems such as crime occur. --- Use existing data (for example, media source or research literature (textbook too) on the extent and types of crime in America society, or cite examples of criminal cases you obtained via different sources (case study), and relate the empirical evidences to the theories learned in Chapter 1 to discuss the causes of crime. --- When recognized the causes of crime based on the theoretical perspectives, logically make social policy solution suggestions on the problem of crime in American society. The paper should be at least 4 pages long, typed and double-spaced. Use APA or MLA format. (Note: the above required items illustrating information need to be addressed in your paper, it should not be treated as questions to be answered. Your paper should be a coherently organized paper).

Subject Area: Sociology

Document Type: Proofreading

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