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Essay on video scenarios relating to nursing standard 1

ONLY PEOPLE WITH MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE TO BID. must follow these below instructions -APA reference style- in text and end text -Australian English please not American. -References no less then 5yrs old. -10% lee way on word count. 1800 words but can be 1620-1980. Essay You are watching the videos and relating it to standard one, saying which of the elements of standard 1 do you feel fit this situation and explain why. Not all standard elements will fit so that's not an issue it shows critical thinking that you can work out which ones will fit. This is a critical thinking essay so it is expected that you will reflect, consider and apply the information from standard 1 to the example you have with the video. You will use examples from the video to support your reasoning. You will also use the literature to support your reasons why you think the issue of poor nursing practice resulted in a medication error. Standard 1: Thinks critically and analyses nursing practice RNs use a variety of thinking strategies and the best available evidence in making decisions and providing safe, quality nursing practice within person-centred and evidence-based frameworks. The registered nurse: 1.1 accesses, analyses, and uses the best available evidence, that includes research findings, for safe, quality practice 1.2 develops practice through reflection on experiences, knowledge, actions, feelings and beliefs to identify how these shape practice 1.3 respects all cultures and experiences, which includes responding to the role of family and community that underpin the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people of other cultures 1.4 complies with legislation, regulations, policies, guidelines and other standards or requirements relevant to the context of practice when making decisions 1.5 uses ethical frameworks when making decisions 1.6 maintains accurate, comprehensive and timely documentation of assessments, planning, decision-making, actions and evaluations, and 1.7 contributes to quality improvement and relevant research. There are four different frameworks or methods to organise information that you could use. Or write a paragraph about each of the points that you have identified in your own words using the author says et cetera, then give examples from the scenarios; link in literature where it is best applied, and then say this relates to standard 1.1 and explain briefly why; or use the literature and pull in the standard and examples from the scenarios; or use the scenarios comparing between and pull in the standard and the literature; Using each of the elements of standard one (not all of them relate) can be one option then pull in the examples from the scenarios and literature. When you refer to the standard in the first instance you need to name it in total however thereafter it can be referred to a standard 1.1, 1.2 et cetera. It does need to be referenced in the end text and referenced in text. The scenarios named as scenario one scenario two and the end text reference et cetera is on the assignment tab. This essay is a discussion on the identified issue of a medication error in the healthcare videos provided. The essay will discuss the area of concern identified in the video; relating it to standard 1 of nursing practice. Using the literature you will discuss this issue and its relevance to nursing practice. Health care video From watching the video scenarios use examples which demonstrate how poor nursing practice with medication administration resulted in an error and using the second video use examples which demonstrate how good nursing practice in relation to medication administration resulted in the avoidance of an error. • Explain which element(s) of standard 1 relate to the video examples you have chosen and why. • Link current literature to support your reasons why you think the errors occurred. NOTE: Do not use websites or books for this essay as reference material use only journal articles. The only exception is the Standards for nursing practice obtained from the Nursing and Midwifery Board website. Registered nurse standards for practice 1st June 2016, Retrieved at In an essay you are not usually allowed headings however in order to assist you in your early development in academic writing and developing a logical sequential discussion you may use headings where you feel they are warranted. You will require a Turnitin cover sheet ( , a student information page, a contents page, an introduction, body of text (main discussion area), conclusion and a references page. SNM (School of nursing and midwifery) uses the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for formatting. The SNM Assignment Guidelines are a shortened version and are on Blackboard under the assessment section. The essay is to be written in the third person. Being able to demonstrate that you are able to access and utilise information such as journal articles is an important part of the role of both the student nurse and the registered nurse. A minimum of five journal articles must be used and cited within this essay. Both journal articles must be cited (in text citation) and listed (end reference list). SNM uses the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for formatting and referencing. The ECU Referencing Guidelines are a shortened version and are on Blackboard under the assessment section. The essay is to be submitted through Turnitin. Turnitin is a software program which checks academic works for plagiarism. Instructions on how to access and submit through Turnitin are on Blackboard under the assessment section. If you have any difficulties accessing the video please contact IT on 63046000 to discuss the issue. video 1 and 2 on this link VIDEO1- Attached. This is the first video scenario of a nurse making a medication error. From watching the video scenarios use examples which demonstrate how poor nursing practice with medication administration resulted in an error and using the second video use examples which demonstrate how good nursing practice in relation to medication administration resulted in the avoidance of an error. • Explain which element(s) of standard 1 relate to the video examples you have chosen and why. • Link current literature to support your reasons why you think the errors occurred. You will use examples from this and Scenario two to support your discussion about poor and good nursing practice. You will give examples such as " within Scenario 1 the nurse did not involve the mother in the medication administration, in the literature Jones (2008) discusses that involving family members in the care of a child in hospital reduces stress and the chance of errors. You could see that by the second scenario when the mother was involved in the care by the nurse." VIDEO 2- Attached-As I am sure you have now worked out one Scenario demonstrates the different good elements of effective teamwork and nursing practice and the other poor teamwork and nursing practice. Through comparing how these scenarios are different it assists you to discuss different elements that are important in working in a teamwork environment and preventing a medication error. This information of what is important in reducing or preventing medication errors in nursing is to be found in the 5 journal articles you will use to assist you to write your essay. Through using examples that you see in the scenarios (either good or bad evidence of nursing practice) you can demonstrate that you can apply your knowledge from the literature to real life situations. This will help you to recognise which are the important elements of nursing practice help to reduce medication errors that you will be part of the in the healthcare environment.
ONLY PEOPLE WITH MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE TO BID. must follow these below instructions -APA reference style- in text and end text -Australian English please not American. -References no less then 5yrs old. -10% lee way on word count.
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