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M4.1 HR Crisis (week 7)&M4.2 Executive Summary for HR Crisis report (week 8)

2 parts to this discussion M4.1 HR Crisis (week 7) Read Case 15-27 at the end of Chapter 15 in the textbook, along with tables 15.4 and 15.5. Discuss the following: • What do you think the evidence leads to - a recommendation for or against equalizing the salaries for engineers and marketers? • What major categories of evidence (both pro and con) are suggested by the data? • What category headings would you recommend to organize the information in this report - and why? You are to create your initial response to the prompt and post this in the discussion by Thursday. Once you have done this, you should respond to, a minimum, of two peers' posts by asking questions, making comments that further the discussion, debating their view point, pointing out differences, or bringing in material you have read. The idea is to engage in an exchange of ideas that fosters critical thinking and helps everyone learn more about what is being discussed. M4.2 Executive Summary for HR Crisis report (week 8) This discussion is still based on Case 15-27 at the end of Chapter 15. This week, consider the top three pieces of information you'd include in this report's executive summary. Each person should post his/her top three and then, as a group, debate the pros and cons. By the end of week 8, come to some agreement on the top three. I have enclosed a sample discussion for the M4.1 from a classmate also i have attached notes from the professor. Krugman/Wells Macroeconomics
2 parts to this discussion M4.1 HR Crisis (week 7) Read Case 15-27 at the end of Chapter 15 in the textbook, along with tables 15.4 and 15.5. Discuss the following: • What do you think the evidence leads to - a recommendation for or against equalizing the salaries for engineers and marketers? • What major categories of evidence (both pro and con) are suggested by the data? • What category headings would you recommend to organize the information in this report - and why?
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This week's reading of Frankenstein switches gears just a bit and gives readers a new and different view of the events in the novel. After reading the assigned chapters, you will compose a short argumentative essay response in favor of or against the creation of a second creature. Keep in mind both Victor's reasons for not wanting to do it as well as the creature's..
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1. Identify 2-3 relationships in “Drown.” 2. Then, analyze or break down the relationship to determine whether it is healthy or unhealthy. What is the primary cause of the health of this relationship? REMEMBER to use evidence from “Drown” as support. 3. Finally, use these conclusions to make a claim about relationships (thesis). In other words, what do the relationships..
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