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They will analyze the way that the shot helps to progress the narrative as well as support the theme

Learning Outcomes/Description Students will further appreciate the care and planning that goes into the making of a film. By examining the moving camera shot of a particular film, they will learn to create shots of their own that will be motivated by narrative, character development or style. Detailed Instructions Students will choose a specific moving shot from a film of their choosing. They will analyze the way that the shot helps to progress the narrative as well as support the theme and look or style of the story. Minimum 500 words.
Learning Outcomes/Description Students will further appreciate the care and planning that goes into the making of a film. By examining the moving camera shot of a particular film, they will learn to create shots of their own that will be motivated by narrative, character development or style. Detailed Instructions Students will choose a specific moving shot from a film of their choosing. They will analyze the way that the shot helps to progress the narrative as well as support the theme and look or style of the story.
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