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SUBJECT AREA Anthropology
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How climate change affect human adaptations and technology?

Dear writer ! I am going to have my individual research paper 10 pages and one page for the group topic . The group topic is How Climate Change affect Human Adaptations and Technology and I have list my part that I will discuss how human activities are the main course of environmental that impact of climate change adaptation on land use and water quality. Please feel free to help me write the topic more detail for me that make sure I will not get the same topic as my group members. Group Members: Keith Ma Jessie Lin Katelyn Huynh Alexander Kline Christina Vides Individual Topics: Keith Ma: Keith will be talking about how technology transitions from the past to the future. How it can make an impact in the environment and climate globally and locally. He will be listing some of the techniques used for fighting and improving climate change and the benefits that comes out from it. Keith will also be asking if we can really depend on technological advancements for answers and solutions. Jessie Lin: Jessie will be talking about How Human behavior , living style and diet habit change from the past to the future. How the climate change impact to human adaptation and how to coexist with current ongoing issues. Katelyn Huynh: Katelyn will discuss how human activities are the main course of environmental that impact of climate change adaptation on land use and water quality. Alexander Kline: Alex will discuss how climate change affects where communities locate and how different civilizations build their communities in different climates. This includes topics such as shelter, access to resources, wildlife, and availability to trade with other civilizations. Christina Vides: Christina will compare political adaptations to climate change around the world. This will include a comparison to policies set forth by European countries, Asian Countries, and The United States. This topic will include regulations, laws, taxes, and treaties that these countries have adopted and how effective these policies are. Paper Details: Find a general issue of sustainability and globalization that is current and of interest to you and your group members. Work as a team to explore the various facets of this issue. Examples of what should be addressed include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: How is the concept of sustainability used within the issue? Is it used appropriately? What are some of the similarities and/or variations in its usage? How is the issue connected to globalization? How does this globalization manifest on regional and/or local levels? Why is this issue important to you and why is it something we should care about as a society? Paper Specifics (worth 150 pts): Individual research papers should be no less than 2500 words in length (ca. 10 pages), doubles-spaced, 12 point font (max.), with 1-inch margins all around, This page length does not include a title page, figures, tables or bibliographical references, some or all of which you will need to include. You should have at LEAST 5 scholarly bibliographical references NOT from a website, and any other number of scholarly or web-related references you wish beyond that. Use the writing format and editorial style guide from the Chicago Manual of Style (Turabian Style) for the paper (see information at:
Dear writer ! I am going to have my individual research paper 10 pages and one page for the group topic . The group topic is How Climate Change affect Human Adaptations and Technology and I have list my part that I will discuss how human activities are the main course of environmental that impact of climate change adaptation on land use and water quality. Please feel free to help me write the topic more detail for me that make sure I will not get the same topic as my group members.
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