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Factors That Influence Disease (Example)

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HOW AGE AFFECTS TUBERCULOSIS NAME INSTITUTION COURSE DATE According to Tao et al nurses play vital roles in the detection of tuberculosis by recognizing the critical symptoms and signs of the disease for immediate diagnosis for early preventive measures to be taken. Patients infected with tuberculosis are associated with respiratory problems. Complete detection of tuberculosis can only be done in the emergency department because patients have related respiratory diseases which must be examined carefully for the correct report to be given. For instance patients discovered for tuberculosis at late ages such as trauma are admitted to ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for closer care. Most intubated patients necrotic tissue has no structural integrity due to the liquefaction. The open bronchus and the nearby blood vessels create a drain room for semiliquid necrotic material which leaves air-filled space at the original site. Usually most of the patients affected are the old people with lower immunity system. Reference Huether S. E. & McCance K. L. (2017). Understanding pathophysiology (6th ed.). St. Louis MO: Mosby. Hammer G. G. & McPhee S. (2014). Pathophysiology of disease: An introduction to clinical medicine. (7th ed.) New York NY: McGraw-Hill Education. Tao L. I. et al. "Description and Factors Affecting the Referral of Presumptive Tuberculosis Patients in China." Biomedical and Environmental Sciences 30.6 (2017): 444-449. [...]

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Discussion: Factors That Influence Disease In clinical settings, some of the most common questions that patients ask are Why do I have this? What caused this disorder? Will it ever go away? These emotional questions can be difficult to ask and to answer. However, for patients to come to terms with their diagnoses and adhere to treatment plans, they must have an understanding of factors that might have caused, or continue to impact, their disorders. As an advanced practice nurse, it is important that you are able to explain disorders, associated alterations and symptoms, and changes that might occur within your patients’ bodies. To Prepare • Review this week’s media presentation with Dr. Terry Buttaro. Reflect on the importance of developing an in-depth understanding of pathophysiology. • Select a disorder from the following list: o Adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease) o Atherosclerosis o Cholelithiasis (gallstones) o Colon cancer o Cystic fibrosis o Hemophilia o Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) o Osteoporosis o Parkinson’s disease o Tuberculosis • Select one of the following patient factors: genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, or behavior. Reflect on how that factor might impact your selected disorder, as well as potential associated alterations and symptoms. • Identify the pathophysiology of the associated alterations, including the normal and altered cellular function. Consider both intra- and extra-cellular changes that occur. Post a brief description of a patient scenario involving the disorder and the factor you selected. Explain how the factor might impact your selected disorder, as well as potential associated alterations and symptoms. Finally, explain the pathophysiology of the associated alterations, including changes in cellular function. IMPORTANT INFORMATION In-text citations should match the references Please use only Peer-Reviewed articles of not longer than 5 years old Please Use Proper APA formatting in the discussion. Please Use at least 3 References. HERE ARE THE RESOURCES TO USE FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. Huether, S. E., & McCance, K. L. (2017). Understanding pathophysiology (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby.   • Chapter 1, “Cellular Biology”   This chapter reviews cellular biology to establish a foundation for exploring the pathophysiology of disease. It also covers the structure and function of cellular components, cell-to-cell adhesions, cellular communication, cellular metabolism, membrane transport, the cell cycle, and tissues.   • Chapter 2, “Genes and Genetic Diseases”   This chapter explores genetic disorders and factors that impact genetic disorders. It also examines how mutations and chromosomal abnormalities lead to transmission of genetic disorders.   • Chapter 4, “Altered Cellular and Tissue Biology”   This chapter examines disorders related to cell adaptation, injury, and death. It also explores disorders associated with altered cellular and tissue function as a result of aging. Hammer, G. G. , & McPhee, S. (2014). Pathophysiology of disease: An introduction to clinical medicine. (7th ed.) New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.   • Chapter 2, “Genetic Disease”   This chapter reviews the clinical manifestations, pathophysiology, and genetic principles of genetic diseases. It also explores different types of genetic diseases and the mechanisms involved.   • Chapter 5, “Neoplasia”   This chapter explores various disorders associated with neoplasia. It also covers causes and effects of common cancers and tumors resulting from neoplasia. Required Media Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012d). Introduction to advanced pathophysiology. Baltimore, MD: Author.   Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 10 minutes.   In this media presentation, Dr. Terry Buttaro, associate professor of practice at Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences, discusses the importance of pathophysiology for the advanced practice nurse.  

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