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Pharmacokinetic Considerations in Patients (Example)

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Pharmacokinetic Post Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Pharmacokinetic Post Clinical experiences have a way of broadening our knowledge on how to handle various and controversial nursing situation. The purpose of this post is to share aF clinical experience that I had in the past when it comes to Pharmacokinetic. Some of the occurrences in that experience continue to shape my understanding of Pharmacokinetic. The particular experience occurred some months ago the patient was a 60-year-old male who was living alone. The patient had been a regular outpatient at the on similar patients. In conclusion it was evident that CVVH did minimal clearance on LAC. On the other end the concentration of plasma remained within goal range in the entire process of the dosing intervals. At the end of the process I realized that supplemental dosing of LAC using a 20 mL/kg/h under CVVH is not that important. I believe that the such an experience widened my understanding of the drug and how it is received by the body and has contributed greatly to my knowledge on Pharmacokinetic. [...]

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Pharmacokinetic Considerations in Patients By now you should know enough about Pharmacology to weigh how relevant pharmacokinetic parameters are for your patient populations. In this discussion forum, you will share how pharmacokinetics has shaped your practice. Hide Full Description At this point in the course, we have considered many aspects of pharmacokinetics. We have studied "rapid metabolizers" of codeine in unit 2, and you are currently studying renal drugs and the most important determinant of drug dosing in the elderly--creatinine clearance. Recently, new renal markers have been identified that can help monitor kidney function (and ostensibly, drug clearance) even before serum creatinine levels increase. In the cardiac drugs, we have examined the different aspects of warfarin metabolism in patients who have varying responses to that drug. And by now, hopefully, you are also getting an appreciation for a certain handful of drugs that you must always be mindful and careful of--the drugs that are potent inhibitors or inducers of certain P450 enzymes and P-glycoprotein. When you consider that the average 65-year-old American takes 13-16 medications at any given time, the worry of polypharmacy, drug interactions, and adverse reactions is very real! In this post, I would like you to share a clinical experience you may have had where pharmacokinetics have had to be considered and why. It is not enough to post "I had to measure CrCl because the patient was old". Think about how drugs may interact and cause adverse reactions, near-misses, or events that necessitate a re-visit to a health care provider. Please do NOT provide any patient identifiers or other information that would violate HIPAA or otherwise be in poor professional taste. You can state "my patient was taking several drugs that interacted in the following way...." without naming your institution, the prescriber, or any patient identifiers ('elderly' or 'infant', 'pediatric' or 'adolescent' are adequate age identifiers). This Forum post is worth 20 points. You will post your comment on drug pharmacokinetics. Once you post, you will be able to see posts by your classmates. Cross-posting is necessary to get all 20 points.The rubric is below: 20 points: student posted information relevant to the topic with up-to-date information and discussion pertinent to the forum topic. On cross-post, the student continued to contribute in a meaningful way. You will have to cite at least one credible (somewhat current) medical reference in your original post. 10 points: The student posted information from a source such as the textbook. Student cross-posted but not in a way that contributed a great deal to the discussion. 5 points: The student posted but did not cross-post. 0 points: No participation by the student.. NO POINTS for late posts/cross-posts.

Subject Area: Nursing

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