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This is the scenario my professor gave us - You are in a car with a significant other (spouse, best friend, anyone important to you) driving in Litchfield county. You are headed west and have now entered New York – a rural area. It is either Saturday or Sunday afternoon and it is late winter and there is snow on the ground. Both you and your significant other are getting hungry. You’ve been driving for a while and there’s no food places around. You finally spot a colonial old cafe called Buttonwood Cafe. It is a super old place. Since you’ve been driving for a while and there is nothing else around you decide to pull in to the cafe. But your significant other doesn’t know about this place and would probably rather not go here but since it’s the only place around you give it a shot. However you are not sure if the place is open so you walk out of your car to find out. You notice there’s a cooler on the front porch and you also walk behind the place and see a stream in the back. There is also a man named carol standing back there with a woman. You ask the man if the cafe is open and he stares at you blankly and then nervously puts out his cigarette and walks over to you and says “we have been waiting for you.” ---we have to write and finish this story.
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