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Wrongful Convictions and the Utilization of Eyewitness Accounts

Wrongful Convictions and the Utilization of Eyewitness Accounts Write a 2 page paper responding to the following: Identify the ethical issues within the field of criminal investigation as applied to wrongful conviction based upon tainted or faulty line-ups. In recent years we have seen many criminal convictions overturned for various reasons. One such reason is the “Eyewitness Account.” Address the ethical responsibilities of law enforcement in their requirements for fairness, and responsibility to ensure there are no wrongful convictions based upon false identification. Identify the processes utilized by law enforcement in the identification of suspects. Consider individuals making identifications, do so in error at times, others intentionally, or are led by law enforcement through improper actions i.e., prejudicial line-ups or photo arrays.
Wrongful Convictions and the Utilization of Eyewitness Accounts Write a 2 page paper responding to the following: Identify the ethical issues within the field of criminal investigation as applied to wrongful conviction based upon tainted or faulty line-ups. In recent years we have seen many criminal convictions overturned for various reasons. One such reason is the “Eyewitness Account.” Address the ethical responsibilities of law enforcement in their requirements for fairness, and responsibility to ensure there are no wrongful convictions based upon false identification. Identify the processes utilized by law enforcement in the identification of suspects.
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