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The American Figure Throughout the History of The United States

5 pages double-sided. The paper is analyzing the change in the figure of the American personality throughout the history, and how the depicted image of being American is changing. The analysis should include some historical context. first the frontier and the western man in the early 20 century, then the rise of the American dream. the paper should use a cultural object, I choose the last patriotism commercial by John Cena in 2016 and from that you analysis what a typical American look like compared to past. should cite 2 papers, the frontier by Fedrick Jackson Turner and novel Typical American by Gish Jen
5 pages double-sided. The paper is analyzing the change in the figure of the American personality throughout the history, and how the depicted image of being American is changing. The analysis should include some historical context. first the frontier and the western man in the early 20 century, then the rise of the American dream.
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1. Please refer to the attached pdf for more details. 2. References: a. You must provide a full bibliographic reference for all of the sources cited in your submission at the end of your coursework (not just the url/weblink) using the Harvard referencing system. b. References for your peer-reviewed journal papers must be given on a page titled ‘Core References’...
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