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Book critique " Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" (Example)

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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Book critique "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" Do you feel the author is effectively supporting his thesis? The author is effective at supporting his thesis. Tatum makes four major arguments in her book. First she states that for an individual to mature properly they should understand their racial identity through all the three major phases of life: childhood adolescence and adulthood. Without understanding one’s racial identity it becomes difficult to have a positive self-image. Second every member of society in particular parents teachers and youth workers must do everything possible to create a democratically safe environment in which children can discuss ethnicity and racism. When children start learning and appreciating the different aspects of racial identity they have a positive image of themselves and this permeates into other parts of their lives (Tatum). Finally it is important for adulthood. When an individual lacks a healthy view of themselves such as through their racial identity it becomes impossible for them to develop a positive self-image. Second parents youth workers and teachers should be at the forefront trying to create an open and safe environment with regards to ethnicity and race for children. The earlier a person starts creating a race-based identity the sooner they have a good self-image and mature in other phases of their lives. It is important for white people to discuss matters of race and racism even if they consider themselves as non-ethnic or non-racist (51). White people should understand how they contribute to corporate racism. At the same time they should appreciate their white race be proud of it but avoid issues of white privilege and superiority. Works Cited Tatum Beverly Daniel. "Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria." (1997). [...]

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DETAILED CRITIQUE INSTRUCTIONS *Do not place any numbers on your paper. Each number basically represents a different paragraph. *A thesis (#1) is a statement that reflects a position that can be defended. For example, “The author’s major thesis was that the criminal justice system is extremely unfair.” Please present the thesis statement as it was presented in the example. Do not state “the author’s main idea was……” A main idea and a thesis are two DIFFERENT things. Remember to add at least one direct quote from the author that substantiates your assertion. SOCI 3390 Juvenile Delinquency 2018 Lamar University 11 of 15 *Do you feel the author is effectively supporting his thesis? Here, you need to explain whether or not you believed the author effectively supported his thesis. Buttress your position with a supporting quote or two. Thoroughly explain yourself in this paragraph. *Which theoretical perspective is best reflected? Here, you state, based on the examples provided in the instructions, which sociological perspective you believe the author is speaking from. Use the definitions provided of each perspective and explain yourself thoroughly with examples. It is possible to assert that the author is speaking from more than one perspective. This is okay. Just support your position(s) with information from the text. *Are there any biases? What I mean by “bias” is does the author make an assertion (e.g., the criminal justice system is racist) without presenting data or research to back up the claim. If according to the definition of “bias” you believe the author is biased, use quotes to support this position with a thorough explanation. If you believe the author is not biased, give some examples of information that he presents that is non-biased. Remember my definition of “bias.” *Is there anything you disagreed with? Here, state if you disagreed with anything. Give succinct examples and thoroughly explain yourself. If you agreed with everything, provide several examples of information/data that you agreed with. *Your comments, opinion, etc. Here, you give your thorough assessment of the CHAPTER, and I do mean thorough. ****** Grading guidelines/format will be seriously applied. Also, use a 12 point font “Times New Roman” with 1 inch width in all margins. I ATTACHED A SAMPLE FROM THE INSTRUCTOR

Subject Area: Sociology

Document Type: Personal Statement

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