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SUBJECT AREA English Language
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Follow prompt number 1 regarding two articles written about facebook and wikipedia

Prompt: Ben werdmuller and Nicholson Baker both approach popular internet resources with some skepticism. Write an essay supporting OR refuting their hesitation toward both facebook (and timeline) and Wikipedia. What are the specific arguments (both explicit and implied) that they are making against these resources? Are these points strong enough to deter users from these websites? Are there arguments against their claims that are not addressed and, perhaps, strong enough counter arguments to dismiss the articles? Links to articles: on Charms of Wikipedia.pdf
Prompt: Ben werdmuller and Nicholson Baker both approach popular internet resources with some skepticism. Write an essay supporting OR refuting their hesitation toward both facebook (and timeline) and Wikipedia. What are the specific arguments (both explicit and implied) that they are making against these resources? Are these points strong enough to deter users from these websites?
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