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National Prevention Strategy developed by the Office of the Surgeon General.

Chapter two highlights the importance of disease prevention under health care reform. It also underscores the significance of the healthcare industry’s shift from managing acute illness towards the promotion of health and wellness. Page 47 mentions the goals of the National Prevention Strategy developed by the Office of the Surgeon General. How would you meet these goals? What is the best way to achieve them? What type of programs and actions are needed to reach the goals and improve health through prevention? Review the Office of Surgeon General’s website and the National Prevention Strategy. Review the 4 strategic directions and 7 priorities for improving health and the quality of life. Select a priority and propose an action, intervention or program to address the issue(s) identified. Review the recommendations included in the Strategic Directions section for ideas. The program you recommend can be real or fictitious. The proposed intervention and/or actions can be existing, evidence-based strategies or they can be of your own design and creation. Feel free to be creative. I’m looking for practical solutions, but I’m also looking for creative ideas that might go beyond what is currently being offered to improve health through prevention. The action, intervention or program that you choose (or create) can be large-scale (e.g. a national program) or small-scale (e.g. a grass-roots program in the community or simple actions in the home). Here are some things to think about when beginning this assignment.... Which one of the 4 strategic directions will your plan support? Which one of the 7 priorities will your plan support? How will your plan improve health through prevention? How would you implement your plan? What outcomes would you expect?
Chapter two highlights the importance of disease prevention under health care reform. It also underscores the significance of the healthcare industry’s shift from managing acute illness towards the promotion of health and wellness. Page 47 mentions the goals of the National Prevention Strategy developed by the Office of the Surgeon General. How would you meet these goals?
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