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 Name Institution Instructor Course Date Policy Interpretation Introduction In 1922 the Education Act was amended to provide create equity and inclusivity in school programs focusing mainly on athletics. The law was amended by Pub.L.93-568 88 of statutory law 1855. The statutory law seeks to eradicate sex-based discrimination and thus to establish social and gender equity and justice before the law and through public and private institutions. Given the need to clarify what the title IX meant and to enhance public understanding the interpretation was offered by HEW department the current Department of Education. It was meant for a guiding document for public use and to guide evaluation amendment of institutional policies and practices and maintenance of an equitable practice to support both genders equally in accessing national resources in the athletics career. As stated in the Title IX it was to take effect from 21st July 1975. The interpretations and to strike a balance in both sexes without emphasizing one gender above the other. Conclusion The regulation as contained in Title IX stands for equity in academic and scholarship programs. As the misunderstanding was mainly experienced through litigations based on athletics the interpretations reveal that the law was actually meant to strike gender equity and not to rouse inter-gender wars or gender-based lawsuits. The interpretation by the department therefore explains further that the males and females in the athletics programs need to benefit equitably from the national resources as allocated through the HEW department. It is also meant to encourage the female gender to participate in athletics having a common background or equal rights before the law to engage in excel and benefit from scholarships as well as sports tools and personnel a mandate resting on the custodians of such institutions as per the requirement of Title IX. [...]

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Paper 2 Prompt 4-6 pages Paper 2 is due Monday, February 26, 11:59pm. To submit Paper 2, go to “Week 7, Part 2,” then click on “Assignment Due: Paper 2.” Upload the file (PDF, .doc, or .docx) and mark the box to agree to submit the paper to the Global Reference Database. Paper 2 involves the interpretation two different categories of primary source materials. When interpreting all the documents for this assignment, use Ware’s introduction (pp. 1-31) and also her brief explanations accompanying the documents to inform your analysis. Please review the Primary Source Assignment Guidelines now, before continuing to read this prompt. (This is a separate document, available under Primary Source Assignments in Blackboard.) The first category of documents are Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW, now the Department of Education) regulations and policy interpretations. Documents 4 and 10 in Susan Ware’s Title IX: A Brief History with Documents are in this category. After Congress passed Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and President Richard signed it into law, HEW officials had to interpret the law and provide regulations for schools to follow to comply with the law. They published final regulations in 1975 (Document 4). Athletics became the space in which university administrators (and other interest groups) challenged compliance with the law; HEW released the policy interpretation in 1979 to provide further information about determining compliance (Document 10). If interested, you may find the full 1975 regulations here: (Note that section 106.41 refers to Athletics specifically. This document is a nice reminder that Title IX has to do with equal educational opportunity for girls and women, and that athletics represents just one component of Title IX compliance.) Find the full 1979 policy interpretation here: (Note that this document “dives deep” and provides much more information about Title IX compliance within intercollegiate athletics.) You are not required to interpret the full regulations and policy interpretation; Ware’s abbreviated versions included in the book will suffice. You must explain and interpret both Document 4 and Document 10 in the first half of your paper. This section also requires a definition and explanation of Title IX. Question 1: How did HEW determine what equal educational opportunity should look like in intercollegiate athletics? [continued on next page] The second category of documents you will interpret in this assignment are position pieces, published by advocates of equal school sporting opportunities for girls and women. Some of these people worked to create the law, pass the law, or make sure schools complied with the law; others published research or newspaper articles to support the effort to expand sporting opportunity. Ware’s book contains many documents in this category, and you may choose those you wish to interpret. You must analyze a minimum of two documents in this half of your paper. Question 2: How have various advocates articulated a defense of Title IX and demanded adherence to the law? Write a 4-6 page paper that answers BOTH QUESTIONS. The paper should be argument-driven. What this means is that the topic sentence to each paragraph should assert an argument, and the remainder of the paragraph should support that argument with evidence from the primary sources. Formatting Guidelines: The essay should be typed, with one-inch margins, in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, and 4-6 pages in length. A heading (single-spaced) should include the assignment description, your name, and the date. A title also should appear at the top of the first page. Finally, the pages should be numbered. Source, Quotation, and Citation Guidelines: Internal citations should be used. When citing in this assignment, you may refer to the HEW documents simply as Regulations and Policy Interpretation. For the other documents, use the author’s last name or an abbreviated title of the document. Do not use block quotations because this is a short paper. Quotations should be no longer than 3 lines or 1-2 sentences. Citations are required when ideas are paraphrased as well as when sentences are quoted directly. If you find you are paraphrasing a lot, which is fine, you may use a mass citation at the end of the paragraph to cover the entire paragraph. [Example: (Policy Interpretation) or (Regulations) or (Regulations and Policy Interpretation)] You do not need to provide a Works Cited page for this essay since you will not use outside materials and we all use the same documents from Ware’s book. Grading Rubric: Total Points: 25, broken into 3 components 1. Analysis (10 points): paper is argument-driven, with an explicit thesis present, and includes analysis and critical thinking; demonstrates a clear analytical voice; places primary source documents in proper historical context 2. Content (10 points): all questions answered/all components and requirements addressed, paper includes specific facts and information from the sources to support arguments; accurate depiction of the primary source documents and their authors 3. Presentation (2 points): grammar and spelling, sentence structure and paragraph structure, writing style; correct citations which give proper credit

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