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Have social relationships changed due to the use of computer technology?

Ask yourself this question: Have social relationships changed due to the use of computer technology? For example, you might find an article on the consequences of children spending large amounts of time playing computer games, or people meeting over the Internet (Internet dating), or the effect of e-mailing as opposed to meeting in person, and so on. The objective of this assignment is to provide a critical analysis of the article by incorporating the following three methods to support and illustrate your opinions. First, discuss your own experience in conjunction with ideas expressed in the article. Second, use journal articles and books to back up your statements. Finally, read the section in the course study notes that deals with an article discussed later in the course called “The Embodied Computer/User” (Lupton, 1995). This article can be found in your readings package. If you use journal articles or books as information sources, identify the source of your ideas clearly in this assignment. You can also use Internet sites for information in this assignment, but these sites must be referenced as well. For referencing, use the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide. Contact the instructor via e-mail or telephone during office hours with any questions you have concerning this assignment. Paper submission: If you submit a paper, you must include a scanned copy of the newspaper report or magazine article. It is important that your paper have a concise introduction and conclusion. Your discussion within the body of the assignment should be clear and to the point. Proofread your paper carefully as marks will be deducted for spelling and grammar errors. Handwritten assignments will not be accepted. Please keep a copy of your assignment.
Ask yourself this question: Have social relationships changed due to the use of computer technology? For example, you might find an article on the consequences of children spending large amounts of time playing computer games, or people meeting over the Internet (Internet dating), or the effect of e-mailing as opposed to meeting in person, and so on. The objective of this assignment is to provide a critical analysis of the article by incorporating the following three methods to support and illustrate your opinions. First, discuss your own experience in conjunction with ideas expressed in the article.
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